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Gloucester City Council Candidate Jason Fanning Seeks Your Vote; "WE WILL WORK FOR YOU!"

Hello Gloucester City!


I want to let you all get more familiar with me. Talking about one’s self is not always easy, but I feel it is important you are fully informed about your choices this election. I will try to keep this brief. While I consider being a Dad and little league coach my biggest responsibilities, I have professional successes that will be immensely useful to Gloucester City. Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 12.29.35


My office walls are covered in framed achievements from throughout my life starting in high school. A high school who has a history of graduating doctors, astronauts, and a literal rocket scientist (He’s a good guy. I would know, he’s my brother). 


In 2004 I drove 1,000 miles from home to make a new home with $8,000 and everything I owned in a duffel bag. With that I built what is now the biggest company in my trade in South Jersey, surviving the 2008 financial crisis and navigating the recent pandemic, keeping my staff healthy throughout. That exemplifies my sharp decision making and ability to tackle challenges successfully. 


I also want to share this campaign endorsement pertaining to my continued successes in governing. (See endorsement here.) 


I recently presided over our annual association meeting. The residents expressed their pleasure in the continuous improvements in the properties and with how smoothly the community has continued to run the past few years. They were also thrilled to hear that I had found more savings and reduced the operational budget by another 7%, for a grand total of 16% since first being elected. 


Now, I don’t know about you, but if you seriously want to see progress and recovery for Gloucester City, it sure seems prudent to elect someone who has a proven track record of relatable accomplishments.


But… it is necessary to have Mr. Muller and Mr. Kates on my flanks. For two reasons. 1) I am proudly “Generation X”, but I am very aware that the tangible future depends on bringing the “Millennial” generation on line to take the baton with their ideas to carry us into the future. 2) It will take more than one conservative voice in a chamber of seven representatives. 


We will work for you, but we need your vote. Fanning / Muller / Kates. November 8th. 



Jason Fanning, 2022  Republican Candidate for Gloucester City Council.