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Due Process Doesn’t Matter When The Deep State is Out To Get You

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Claims Proven Commonplace: Real Human Trafficking Cases Suppressed While Deep State Tampers Evidence In Cult Leader Keith Raniere Case

Exclusive Interview with Nicole Blank Becker

By Marc Ang


While not shocking to me anymore, it is worth getting out to the public every time our justice agencies act in a way that is not in the best interest of common sense, common decency and “we the people”. The raid on the former President Donald Trump and the continued and unrelenting witch hunt has proven that due process doesn’t matter when the deep state wants to build a story around vilifying you. I saw this as well when I covered Tiger King’s Joe Exotic’s resentencing trial and observed how the judge had an agenda and did not care for any evidence being shown to the contrary. When they have nothing, they will plant evidence on you and the justice system will go along with technicalities with the end effect of ruining people’s lives.


The latest such instance was in the US vs. Raniere case that includes a report exposing an especially brazen level of government corruption. A court motion was filed on May 3, 2022 with a corroborated report written by former FBI Special Agent and cyber forensics expert Dr. Rick Kiper. He asks about a curious timeline of ‘found’ evidence later in the investigation, “Since the only differences between the first superseding indictment and the second superseding indictment were based on the alleged contraband photos, how did AUSA Penza know the contraband photos would be found over a month later?”


Kiper proves to a scientific certainty that the government manufactured and planted contraband photos to convict Mr. Keith Raniere, an influential cult leader, of child pornography charges. Bottom line: FBI planted this child pornography in the NXIVM case to win a conviction. No matter how weird and unlikable Mr. Raniere may be to you, we must be more concerned about the planting of evidence and a justice system that is failing us with outright lies.


In this case, Dr. Kiper reviewed file system data from two devices that were key evidence in the case: 1) A hard drive on which the FBI claimed to have found 22 photos of a nude female, whom they alleged was 15 years old in the images, and 2) a camera card allegedly used to take the photos.


The report proves that evidence tampering on these two key devices was widespread:

● Hard drive findings:

○ The 22 photos that allegedly contained “child porn” were planted on the hard drive

○ Someone proactively changed the dates of those “contraband” photos (and the

folders that contained them) to give the appearance that the woman in those

photos was underage when they were taken

○ Other dates were manually changed on the hard drive, including dates on the

photos that were located just next to the alleged contraband


● Camera card findings:

○ Someone added 37 files to the camera card while it was in FBI custody

○ An unknown person accessed and modified the camera card on Sept. 19, 2018,

also while the device was in FBI custody

○ The metadata of one photo had evidence that Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 was

used on it, but someone tried to cover up that the file had not been modified


The report and motion highlight other severe and suspicious breaches of FBI evidence handling protocol and go as far as naming FBI agents likely implicated in the illegal tampering. For example, Special Agents Michael Lever and Megan Rees improperly checked out one of the devices twice for a total of 24 days, during which time some modifications were made. 


The filed report, corroborated by two other esteemed experts, also notes false statements made by the government’s FBI expert witness at the trial, Sr. Forensic Examiner Brian Booth. Booth falsely testified that photo dates are not easy to change, and that it was normal to receive evidence in an unsealed cellophane bag with no clear chain of custody, which is how he received one of the devices used to convict Mr. Raniere. Further, the report implicates the prosecutors, citing facts that indicate they had knowledge of the tampering.


Within 24 hours of filing the motion, the prosecution filed a shameful response calling these findings “frivolous.” The media has virtually been silent about this historic level of corruption that has been exposed. Meanwhile, efforts are underway to investigate and hold the FBI accountable.


This is the swamp Trump, himself, one of the victims of relentless witch hunts, vowed to drain. Human trafficking is a big part of some of the coverups which at best, is complicit and diluting the severity of the human trafficking issue, but at worst, is part of a coverup for an elite cabal, as we noticed with Ghislaine Maxwell getting charged with a relatively light sentence.


I caught up with Nicole Blank Becker, a famous sex crimes attorney, Chief of Sex unit in Detroit for approximately 7 years and extremely involved in Child Advocacy Centers, winning awards after her work with hundreds of victims. The Michigan based lawyer’s position is a simple one: after reviewing the evidence in this case, she sees that the federal government uses charges to strong arm people they are trying to ruin, make it a news story and soon the story takes over as the prevailing narrative and overshadows the facts.


Her position is simple and she articulately says, “Unfortunately, it is my position that the federal government is oftentimes using charges to strong arm people and make up a really good story so that ultimately, we forget about what the law is and what the elements are that the government has to prove. And the story takes over, which is not the way we learned in law school. Nor is it the way we practice in the courtroom.”


She also brings up a great point about how “sexual acts must be proven for purposes of sex trafficking. I was looking at the elements of sex trafficking: interstate commerce, coercion, knowingness, sexual acts, which are all elements that must be proven for purposes of sex trafficking. And my reading of the transcript frontwards and backwards, it simply didn't even come close to what the legislator intended”. 


In addition, it has to be proven beyond unreasonable doubt. The law’s intent is such, and should be to protect victims but also the truth, to protect people from random accusations without merit.  Now, “human trafficking” is getting thrown around, minimizing an issue that is suppressed whenever an America First administration is out of power. We saw this dramatic shift from the Trump to the Biden administrations.


Only President Trump was able to shed light on the actual commonplace issues around trafficking: the border issue, mules bringing children over the Mexican border and issues in our domestic foster care system. What has happened instead is the weaponizing of certain rules to build a character assassination agenda on certain individuals they want to take down, understanding that people are not concerned with the finer details and important facts in a lawsuit. This is exactly what we saw with the Mar-a-lago raid on former President Trump. The accusation is enough to convict an accused in the trial of public opinion.


The sensationalism in tandem with the planting and tampering of evidence create an air of sentiment geared towards vilifying the person they are going after. Nicole said something powerful. How about the actual victims of real human trafficking? “Those who are purely victims, their horrible experience is minimized”. Raniere in this case was billed as a human trafficker just because of his relations with one 17 year old. In certain states, 16 years old is the age of consent. Throwing this term of “human trafficking” around especially in the courtroom and planting evidence of child pornography seems to be the go-to function for the corrupt government agencies. In fact, during this trial, he was locked in a jail cell with an actual human trafficker and has been subject to horrifying conditions while waiting for justice to be served.


Becker says these targeted individuals are “convicted before a trial has even started. Dealing with the government on that case, I saw for myself firsthand how the criminal justice system in America works. It’s not ‘innocent until proven guilty’. It’s guilty until proven innocent.”


When I asked Nicole why this cult leader was targeted, she says “Raniere is a powerful individual. His influence was large, with his connections to presidential figures in countries like Mexico, Fortune 500 companies. These types of people scare the government and ultimately, the government decides they should be taken down. Judges are given an immense amount of power”.


The bottom line on this case: “human trafficking” allegations are being thrown around at just about everyone since the #MeToo movement, hurting actual victims of human trafficking and minimizing their experience and pain. And even worse, certain individuals are vilified with planted and tampered evidence to create a monster and the media, unconcerned with facts and concerned more with sensationalism, fuel the public flogging of these individuals or are curiously silent when there is evidence to the contrary. It happened with Joe Exotic from Tiger King, President Trump and now, Keith Raniere.


When asked what Becker would do to fix this problem, she says, “In general the system is weaponized. It needs a complete overhaul to de-weaponize the system.” Her heart is with true human sex trafficking victims and this Raniere case and tampered evidence has been a major step backwards for them.

Marc Ang ([email protected]) is a community organizer in Southern California and the founder of Asian Industry B2B. He focuses on the minority conservative experience. Marc’s book “Minority Retort” will be released in late 2022.