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Gloucester City Council Candidate Jason Fanning Seeks Your Vote; "WE WILL WORK FOR YOU!"

Condo Association Endorses Jason Fanning for Gcity Council

Monmouth Condo Association

Margate City, New Jersey


Elected President to govern our association in 2018, Jason Fanning took on what could be described in one word “shambles”, and along with the Vice-President not only brought the association into compliance with regulations, he also oversaw improvements to the building that was beginning to become a bit of an eyesore. He simultaneously lowered annual costs by examining the budget and surgically removing portions that were wasteful or antiquated. Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 13.01.24


As far as his quality of character, he is not only a pleasant and sociable neighbor, watching him engage with his son is nothing less than enjoyable.


Jason Fanning approached us during our annual meeting for our endorsement for his campaign and we unanimously agreed.  If you are looking to elect someone to your City Council who can guide a community into a new era in a budget friendly way, there is only one choice. Jason Fanning.



The Board of Directors

Monmouth Condo Association

Margate CIty, New Jersey