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Beginners’ tips for the online casino roulette table

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Roulette is one of the most popular games at any online casino for a number of reasons, among which one of the most important is its simplicity. Even if you’ve never played roulette before and are just now getting interested because Wish casinos lists some sites worth trying, it’s pretty easy to understand. You place your bet, the wheel spins, and you win or lose - that’s as straightforward as games get. However, that doesn’t mean you should play it with your brain switched off. Keeping a close watch on what’s going on, and knowing how to react, is an essential part of winning at roulette, whether online or offline.


If you’re taking to the roulette table, then maximizing your chances of winning is not an opportunity to be turned down. So here are a few beginner-friendly tips that can help you win on this simplest of casino games.


Mix your bets carefully


If you walk up to the roulette table with the intention of betting on a specific number, just be warned that you could be waiting an eternity for it to come up. Almost literally! There is a 36 or 37 to one chance that it will come up on a given spin, and those odds are true every time the wheel is spun. You will need to make some more cautious bets, like picking Red or Black, Odd or Even, or a Row bet every so often because the more risky bets you place, the sooner your bankroll will run out. The best time to place a more out-there bet is just after you have won a decent number of cautious bets; if it doesn’t come off, you’re still ahead - and if it does, you’re laughing.


Match your stake to your bet


If you are going to bet on your lucky number, then at least acknowledge that there is a very small chance of the bet coming off, and keep your stake low. Placing $100 on the number 7 may seem audacious, and when it pays out at $3600 it looks pretty cool, but more often, it won’t come off - and few of us can afford to just throw $100 of your money away. If you want to bet a little more - and even then you should think twice about staking $100 on any bet - then make it a more realistic outcome with shorter odds. It’s still pretty exciting when any bet comes off, no matter the odds.


You are going to lose


It’s inevitable that you will lose some money at the roulette table. You have to be prepared to walk away while you are behind, too, as unpalatable a truth as that may be. This isn’t said to discourage you, but to remind you that when you are playing at an online casino and you get ahead of the game, that’s a pretty good time to call it a day and walk away with a win over the house. It doesn’t happen often, and when you get the chance you should cherish it. It’s why you should also be careful not to chase losses; the only way you can erase a loss is with a win, and you can never guarantee victory at the casino tables.