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AccuWeather Hurricane Center and Fall Pollen Coming

AccuWeather Hurricane Center – September 8, 2022 – Even though the thermometer is still surpassing the century mark in some parts of the country, department stores have stocked the shelves with fall decorations and coffee shops have brought back their famous pumpkin spice lattes. Millions across the United States are likely hoping for the return to cooler weather and fall activities, but the fall allergy season is one thing many Americans would rather put on pause.

As more and more fall festivities kick off, AccuWeather forecasters say fall allergies will be back in full force across some parts of the country, affecting millions.

"Allergies really happen all year round, and the fall is different than spring and summer," Chief Medical Officer at WebMD Dr. John Whyte said to AccuWeather in an interview. "What we see in the fall are allergies to ragweed. It blooms between August and November, so we kind of see that peak pollen actually [occur in] mid- to late September."

According to WebMD, mold and dust mites are two other allergy triggers during the fall. Mold spores love wet spots outside, so piles of damp leaves are ideal breeding grounds for mold. When temperatures drop outside, people will turn the heat on for the first time in months, stirring dust mites into the air that have been sitting around all summer.

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