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by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNewsnet Columnist

Today I received an e-mail which was an invoice from Norton Life.  I have never used Norton anything, and I have life insurance, thank you Norton, so I was tempted to just delete it and go on.  I looked at the invoice anyway and saw that Norton was going to charge me $298.36 for one unit (?) of what? Images-3

The invoice did not have my name or address on it, just my e-mail account name.  WARNING!  Most invoices have a section to use for a credit card (name, number, etc.) Not this. WARNING!  WARNING!  Being from New Jersey I immediately became leery when there was no SALES TAX.  Remember folks, when Ji m Florio was governor, he tried to charge sales tax on toilet paper.  So, whatever Norton was trying to sell me had no sales tax - WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!
There was a note on the invoice "If you want to cancel this invoice (I still don't know for what) call this 800 number."  Of course, I called.  The man who answered the phone had an accent from India.  That didn't surprise me.  He told me that he couldn't cancel the invoice, I had to do it from my computer.  ANOTHER WARNING!  He started to give me long instructions, but I was leery that I was giving him enough time to get into my computer.  I have no technical ability so I didn't know what he could or couldn't do but hanging up seemed prudent.
Even if you have used Norton in the past, read any invoice carefully.  Good luck.