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Cumberland Street Residents Upset with New York Landlord and Abandon Cars on City Owned Lot


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet


CNBNews photo-Residents living in the 200 unit block of Cumberland Street say they have complained to police and to the housing office about this pile of rubbish for weeks. The property is owned by a person living in New York City. One resident said she has seen rats roaming through the debris.


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 1, 2022)--Peyton and Me were walking along King Street today when a man stopped us to chat. We will call him Oscar as he didn't want to use his real name.

"I live nearby in the 200-unit block of Cumberland Street," said Oscar. "For months, I have complained to the city about the trash coming from the tenants living in the apartments in the 100 unit block of King Street.  I have gotten no help. The owner lives in New York," he said.

Oscar said,  "If there were ever a fire, those apartments would go up like a matchbox because of all the trash," he said.   He also pointed to a large pile of rubbish in front of 109 Elm Street, an alleyway connecting Cumberland Street with Little Ridgeway Street. That apartment sits behind the King Street apartments. In the 90s, a row of homes burnt to the ground on Little Ridgeway Street. Today that property has become a graveyard for broken vehicles.

According to Oscar, many of the cars are broken down with no license plates or current registration tags. "Over the years, it has become a junkyard. My property value has depreciated because of it. "

He told us one of the abandoned cars, with broken out windows, is used by kids and adults to smoke dope and drink beer. 

Another resident joined the conversation; he, too, wanted to remain anonymous. He said the police have been notified about the abandoned cars and also about the trash problem. According to him, this latest problem with the trash at 109 Elm has been ongoing for several weeks. And, he said, that rats have been seen in the pile of cardboard boxes trash bags, many of which are broken open.

Below are some photos of what the residents were talking about.

Why doesn't the City haul away the trash at 109 Elm and bill the New York property owner?

Why doesn't the City cite the owners of these broken down cars?  

We have written about the trash problem in this City for many years. We have also pointed out to mayor and council all the cars that  we see without a license plate and current registration tags. Despite our effort these eyesores remain on properties throughout the city.  

IMG_1961CNBNews photo

Neighbors fear a spark would start a fire in the pile of trash in this yard and burn down nearby properties. A few feet in the distance is a mound of  trash that has been lying there for almost a month, they said, despite their complaints. One person said rats had been seen feeding on the garbage. 

IMG_1953CNBNews photo

109 Elm Street is one of the properties that is owned by someone living in New York, said the neighbors. They told us they had complained to the police and the housing office weeks ago, but nothing has been done. One person said she has seen rats feeding on the garbage. 



CNBNews photo

One neighbor told us that vagrants have been sleeping in some of the vehicles. Those we spoke to said they fear that a child may climb into the trunks of one of these abandoned cars and get locked inside and die. An accident like that happened in Camden City some time ago. A young child playing a game hid inside a car trunk, suffocated, and died. 

IMG_1956CNBNews photo- Four of the vehicles have expired registration stickers or no license plates. The windows are broken out of this one. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 22.15.47The residents said loose trash blows about their neighborhood because it isn't stored correctly by the tenants living in nearby King Street apartments.