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How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring


You've found the perfect person. Now, it's time to find the perfect engagement ring for this amazing individual to tell them you want to spend a lifetime together. An engagement ring is the first step to forever, and the right jeweler helps clients get started. Custom jewelers offer exceptional design opportunities to create a lavish babble to ask the ultimate question and seal the deal. Read more to get started and choose the right engagement ring for your special someone.  Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 11.16.36

Start With the Shape of the Diamond

Everyone who has dreamed of getting a proposal knows exactly what shape they adore the most. Pay attention to the stone shapes that your loved one gravitates toward and the choice will be easier. Watch them as they look at jewelry in any shop, and they will answer the question based on how they react to each ring design. Start with the stone shape when buying an engagement ring for the love of your life. 

Choose the Metal 

Approach the choice of metal based on what the loved one does in their everyday life. An engagement ring is worn every day, and the wearer needs metal that supports the stone, holds it in place, and won't break easily. Yellow and white gold are lovely, but if the loved one works with their hands at work or gardening at home they need something stronger. Platinum is the strongest metal and stands the test of time. If the customer has it within their budget, they should consider the stronger metal. 

What Carat Size is Appropriate?

The client's budget affects which carat size they purchase. There are financing options that make the engagement ring more affordable, and the customer can pay monthly payments without their loved one knowing. On average buyers get at least two carats, but for some clients, the sky is the limit.  

Know Your Loved One's Ring Size

Customers can find out their loved one's ring size in the sneakiest and easiest ways. Find a ring they wear on the correct finger and try it on your finger. While the ring is still on your finger draw a line at the point on your finger where the ring stops. Go to a jewelry store and use the ring sizer to find the correct size. The jeweler can help with this task, and if the ring you want isn't the correct size, the jeweler can resize it.  

Added Touches for the Engagement Ring

Choosing a custom jeweler gives clients a chance to make the ring unique. There isn't much that jewelers cannot do to alter an engagement ring and make it perfect for the loved one. Clients can add more stones to the sides of the diamond or add the loved one's favorite gemstones to add their signature style to the ring. Jewelers can also perform engraving services to add a special message to the band. Even if it's only one or two words, the loved one will adore these special touches.  

Getting engaged is a special event all its own, and how a person proposes and the ring they purchase says a lot about how much they know their loved one. Custom jewelers offer services to make the engagement ring everything the loved one has ever hoped of and more. Planning a breathtaking and romantic proposal is perfect with the right ring. Talk to custom jewelers and design the most amazing engagement possible for the love of your life.