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Hitting The Road From Gloucester City

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For Gloucester City residents, going on revitalizing summer vacation doesn't require flying to a tropical isle. With proximity to coastal locales, wilderness retreats, and dazzling cityscapes, locals can live their best holiday life by making it less about reaching a far-flung destination and more about taking to the road. A driving trip is the perfect summer way to escape urban life and experience all that the open road has to offer. You can relax on pristine sandy beaches, trek through vibrant forests and hinterlands, and indulge in culture, participate in exciting and new activities, and enjoy culinary treats along the way. With recent travel trends research uncovering road trips as the preferred vacation style for almost a quarter of all Americans, let's explore some road tripping routes from Gloucester City that will take you far and beyond in no time.
Smoother Driving Experience
Planning the perfect road getaway from Gloucester City requires a little consideration, and you'll need to source detailed maps, corral desirable activities, and choose your ride. When it comes to selecting your ideal vehicle, drive a small or compact SUV and you'll find more roads and trails open up to you, extending your sightseeing and adventuring possibilities. As there's a tendency for roads to attract crowds in the summer, maneuvering an RV or campervan isn't always a great prospect, especially if you're wanting to venture off track and into the wild. Opt to drive a smaller SUV that will make navigating tighter roads safer and more enjoyable. It will also encourage you to take frequent stops to get out, stretch your legs and see things, and should save you on fuel costs.
Retreat to Chincoteague Island
The drive from Gloucester City to Virginia's only resort island takes a little over three hours, making it an easily accessible way to get back to nature. With not a high rise or large development in sight, the island offers up an array of leisure activities. Browse antique and artisan markets, hike the trails of Assateague Island, or swim with the famous wild ponies of the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Boat and kayak tours provide greater wilderness contact and may allow you to indulge in some fishing. Accommodation options are aplenty, however, pitching your tent in one of the island's scenic campgrounds will enhance your experience of nature's calm.
Make Your Way To Atlantic City
If you'd rather not leave all city creature comforts behind on your summer road trip, then a visit to New Jersey's iconic seaside resort of Atlantic City may just be your ticket. It's a quick 60 miles along the Atlantic City Expressway from Gloucester City to the 'Las Vegas of the East.' Bonus viewing points if you start the trip at night's edge as you'll be rewarded with sublime sunset views of Philadelphia and the Ben Franklin Bridge. The Expressway also dishes up an array of diverse dining stops along the way. Once you reach your destination you'll be spoiled for choice. You can dance the night away in clubs, attend shows, sightsee using the city's electric tram, engage in numerous water sports, or simply wile some time away on a sandy spot of beach.
This summer, gear up and explore territory closer to home. Enjoy the golden sandscapes, the winding forest trails, the richness of the coastline, or the buzz of vibrant nearby metropolises. Above all, enjoy the act of getting there, and drive safely with your family and friends.