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Gloucester City & Board of Ed. Should Hire Veterans First?

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNewsnet


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When viewing our Gloucester City employees' and retirees' salaries and pensions (I want to know where my tax dollars are spent) I noticed that some of the databases indicated if the person was a veteran.  What I found was disheartening.  Images-3

First, I looked at the retired teachers.  There are about 200 retirees and of those I found 3 veterans.  Three!  Vince Kuczynski, Frank Keebler and Bob McQuillan - thank you for your service.
Next, I went to our current fire fighters and police officers.  There I found 56 employees but not one veteran.  There was not one employee to whom we can say "thank you for your service."  I realize that these people are serving our community but what about our nation?  Our military is desperately understaffed at this time.  There was a time, up to the 1980s when mostly men, but women also would serve their country first and then their community.
Unfortunately, the Police and Firefighter Retirement System (PFRS) does not offer that information.
Arlene Moore Baker, daughter of the former police chief, thank you for your service.
Finally, it is on to the city employees.  Of 61 members of the PERS retirement system I found, again, only one veteran.  D. Grace, thank you for your service.
Before anyone says "but no veterans apply" let's go back to the Civil Rights Act of 1965.  At that time employers used the same excuse for not having very many women, blacks or other minorities in professional or managerial positions.  The courts didn't buy it.  They asked the employers "What have you done to recruit minorities?"  Usually, the answer was not much.
I have to ask the city's administrators "what have you done to recruit veterans?"  It isn't hard, just reach out to the Veterans' Administration.