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Gustafson: “This Act does nothing to restore SALT.”

COLLINGSWOOD – Responding to a published report that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will ask members to pass the Inflation Reduction Act without changes, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s First Congressional District, Claire Gustafson, is calling on Donald Norcross to stand behind his words and vote no.

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“When the House votes on the Inflation Reduction Act it will be time for Donald Norcross to stand behind his words and vote no,” Claire Gustafson said. “Norcross, on June 23, said on his social media that providing relief for New Jersey families ‘starts with restoring the full SALT deduction.’ This Act does nothing to restore SALT.”


Gustafson added, “When this vote comes, we shall see if Norcross will stand behind his words and fight to restore SALT fully or if he will follow his north Jersey colleagues, Mikie Sherrill and Josh Gottheimer, and do nothing.”


“I sincerely hope that Norcross realizes this Act raises taxes on working families, and he votes no.” Gustafson said, “I don’t hold out much hope because Norcross lives in a tax abated apartment in Camden and, as such, fully restoring the SALT deduction doesn’t personally help him.”