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CNBNews Guest Opinion: Meet The New White Supremacists


By Catholic League president Bill Donohue


Blacks need not fear right-wing white supremacists—there are too few of these crazies to matter—but they need to fear well-educated white liberals. They have become the real white supremacists.

Guest Opinion

If we define white supremacists as white persons who believe in the inherent inferiority of blacks, members of the Klan come to mind. But white liberals should also come to mind. That is because they don't believe blacks have the ability to raise themselves up by themselves.

White liberals have given up on equal opportunity. This explains why they are constantly dreaming up ways to mandate equality. In short, they have given up on blacks.

On June 1, the California Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans issued its Interim Report. It is the most comprehensive summary of liberal white supremacy available. Here are some of their proposals.

1) Black deadbeat dads will no longer be held accountable for their behavior. The panel recommends that the state "eliminate past-due child support owed to the government for non-custodial parents." What about collecting interest on child support that is past due? It's been eliminated. This is a big win for irresponsible black men and a big loss for black women.

2) All blacks in California should be allowed to send their children to any college they choose free of charge. If more black males are being cited for disciplinary problems, that is going to end. Racial equity means "racially equitable disciplinary practices." This is a big win for black Hollywood actors and professional athletes—their kids can go to college free of charge—and a big loss for well-behaving black students.

3) Putting more cops in high-crime neighborhoods is discriminatory. That is the obvious takeaway from the proposal which seeks to "eliminate the over-policing of predominantly Black communities." The big winners are the criminals and the big losers are the vast majority of law-abiding black Americans.

4) Blacks are entitled to free health care, regardless of how much money they make. Moreover, it must be "cost-free high quality" care. The big winners are the hospitals which will be reimbursed by the government and the big losers are the taxpayers.

5) Reparations must be offered in the form of cash payments to close the racial wealth gap. The big winners are blacks whose ancestors owned slaves and the big losers are blacks whose ancestors were enslaved, possibly by another black person.

This program is a textbook example of the way well-educated white liberals think about blacks. The paternalism is racist in intent and effect, reflecting the kind of thinking that assumes blacks are inherently inferior and cannot succeed without the benign intervention of whitey.

This is the happy face of white supremacy in 2022. Get used to it or, better yet, be prepared to fight it.