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(August 16, 2022)

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ --A HAPPY ENDING—Our “Peyton and Me Meandering" article resulted in the removal of the garbage lying in front of 109 Elm Street within five hours after our story was published. Nearby residents said despite numerous calls to officials; trash was lying at that location for nearly a month. 

The same article was responsible for removing a derelict car (photo right). That car had become a safety hazard to the children living in the neighborhood. 

According to the people we spoke to, the car was reported to the police a year ago. Our article also resulted in two other vehicles, unlicensed and unregistered to be tagged with abandoned stickers and removed.

Today, Tuesday, a crew from the Public Works Department were on the scene cutting down the weeds and removing debris. 


 CNBNewsnet photo



MORE IMPROVEMENTS TO HS ATHLETIC FIELDS—The Gloucester City Board of Education is seeking bids for improvements to the athletic fields at the Gloucester City high school. The Board spent $1.3 million two years ago on improving the football field. The football season consists of 10 games annually. Five of the games are played at home.

The project consists of particular site demolitions, stripping of topsoil, new dugouts, fencing, asphalt paving, installing an irrigation system, importing borrow fill, grading, seeding, stabilization, and fertilization.  Seal bids will be received at the Board's office until September 8, 2022. Address bids to the GLOUCESTER CITY BOARD OF EDUCATION; Brotherhood Administration Building; 1300 Market Street, Gloucester City, New Jersey 08030; Attn.: Sarah Bell, Business Administrator/Board Secretary. See Legal Notice here.


Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 19.57.10In the distance is Swarthmore Avenue, Gloucester City. The contractor working on the nearby Klemm Avenue overpass uses this street to haul dirt back and forth to the project. CNBNewsnet photo


SWARTHMORE AVE. DUSTY--A Swarthmore Avenue resident contacted us about the 5-ton tandem dump trucks that use her street as a shortcut to haul dirt from the nearby I-295/1-76/Route 42 Direct Connection Project. The woman said that one of the trucks broke the concrete in her driveway when the driver used it to turn around. While taking photos, another resident said the dust/dirt from the trucks running back and forth is choking her; it is so thick. 

We contacted Stephen Schapiro, spokesperson for the NJ Department of Transportation (DOT), about the complaints and asked him if there was any truth about the state using eminent domain to claim the residential property in this area.

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 19.57.25
CNBNewsnet photo



Question-Does the contractor waterdown the dust on Swarthmore Ave.?


The contractor is required to control dust on Klemm Avenue, underneath the I-76 overpass, as well as on Swarthmore Avenue. NJDOT has reminded the contractor to water down both roads more consistently.


Question-Is the contractor aware that one of trucks hauling dirt broke the driveway backing up to turn around?

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 20.50.15
CNBNews photo of Swarthmore Avenue taken from the top of the ramp used by trucks to hall dirt back and forth to the construction site


While NJDOT is unaware of any damage done to driveways/driveway aprons, NJDOT will investigate the matter and repair (or replace) any damage caused by construction vehicles.


Question-Is the State claiming property from residents living in this area under the eminent domain law


No, NJDOT did not need to acquire any property through the Right-of-Way process for this project. However, some residents questioned the property lines related to a temporary access road the contractor built at the end of Swarthmore Avenue. The Department confirmed that the access road is on NJDOT’s right of way and marked the property line with survey stakes or silt fencing.


Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 20.50.03
Some Swarthmore Avenue residents say the dust and dirt are all over their homes and vehicles CNBNews photo.


Question-Who would residents living in this are contact if they had a complaint or a question?

If any resident has a question or concern regarding the project, they are welcome to contact Kimberly Nance, Regional Area Coordinator, Office of Government and Community Relations at 609.963.1982 or


The City of Gloucester City is conducting a public sale of surplus property online. The auction site is The surplus property is sold in an "as-is" condition without express or implied warranties. The online auction will be held from August 22, 2022 until September 1, 2022. 





The property being sold consists of the the following: 1991 Spartan Fire Engine Red/White, Vin #4S7BT9L03MC004160 2001 Caroline Skiff 23", HIN #EKHX0949B101 2001 Suzuki 115 Hsp. Vin #11501F 151470 2001 Sea Lion Vin #45LBS24131206


All bidders must pre-register with GovDeals at City of Gloucester City reserves the right to accept or reject any bids submitted. Vanessa L. Little, City Clerk, City of Gloucester City, County of Camden.



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