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5 Common Reasons Why People are Wrongfully Convicted

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A wrongful conviction ruins many lives, yet it happens at an alarming rate. When the wrong person is incarcerated for a crime they did not commit, it has a ripple effect, not just on them, but the victim and the involved families, and it shakes the strength of the whole justice system. Yet, it still happens and there are common reasons why which are going to be explored further in this post. 

What is a Wrongful Conviction?

When a crime is solved and a perpetrator is found, the case is often classed as closed. However, with wrongful convictions, a person or people are arrested and sentenced, yet they contest the sentencing. They can often remain in prison for many years before their case is reopened if it even gets to the stage of being reviewed. While some convictions are overturned in light of new evidence or proven wrongful practice, others remain untouched. 

So, why does this happen? Let’s take a look at the primary reasons behind wrongful convictions. 

Inexperienced Defense Lawyer

Strong defense lawyers are hard to come across and they are often expensive. State provided attorneys may have experience, but it is not always specific. If the lawyer on the case lacks niche knowledge, is stretched thin, or struggles to form a narrative, they will be ineffective. This leads to a failure which results in a wrongful conviction. That is why there is real value in sourcing experienced lawyers like Romanucci & Blandin whose expertise lies in niche defenses, such as defending clients that are victims of erroneous sentencing. 

Witness Tampering Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 20.50.37

Supposed witnesses are often a particular liability in procuring reliable evidence. Eyewitnesses are often mistaken, and people can be scared into making false accounts or even keeping quiet when they have useful information. Humans are humans after all, and they are prone to be driven by emotional responses, especially when intimidation is involved. So, witness tampering is one of the primary causes that leads to the incorrect person being blamed for a crime they did not necessarily commit. 

False Evidence

Evidence falsification is a crime, but it still happens. Attorneys sometimes plant evidence to make their case more plausible, and they also hide evidence that may acquit the person on trial. This does happen, and it is not always found out, which has a detrimental effect on the legitimacy of a case conclusion. 


Perjury is when someone purposefully tells a lie in court during a trial. It is a punishable offense, but it still happens. When perjury takes place, there is no real way of telling the truth from a lie. It creates conflicting timelines, makes witnesses appear false, and puts the whole case at risk. 

False Confessions

False confessions may seem like a movie trope, but it has been known to happen in the real world. People may confess to a crime they did not commit to protect a loved one or take credit for something they did not do. 

The art of finding the truth is a difficult one. Wrongful convictions are something that will not be disappearing from our justice system anytime soon.