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GLOUCESTER CITY and BELLMAWR AMONG 57 VIOLATING LAW--The NJ Office of the State Comptroller released a report last week regarding some municipalities' illegal use of sick leave. The Comptroller’s report stated that 95% of the 60 towns it surveyed were not following laws limiting sick leave payments. According to the Comptroller said these communities were wasting taxpayer funds which add to higher property tax bills. Only three of those 60 complied with the 2007/2010 law. 

Many towns allow public workers to convert unused sick days into yearly bonuses. Some promised to make extensive payments years down the road, which is prohibited and can potentially increase a worker’s pay by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“The reform that was initiated in 2007 and expanded upon in 2010 appears, at least based on the 60 municipalities we looked at, to have failed more than succeeded,” said acting New Jersey Comptroller Kevin Walsh. “The Legislature in 2007 and 2010 thought it has solved the problem, but there are a lot of signs that New Jersey’s towns have disregarded the law.”

Of the 60 communities named that are violating the law the following are from the immediate South Jersey area. Only three of those 60 communities are obeying the law. The six restrictions are listed here. 


Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 17.54.41The report reveals: 


  • Burlington, Gloucester City, and Egg Harbor are violating four of the six restrictions. 
  • Gloucester City has been listed in the top 30 communities in the state with the highest property taxes since 2018. See story here


  • Bellmawr, Franklin, Mantua, and Moorestown are violating three of the restrictions


  • Evesham, Haddonfield, Gloucester Township, Lumberton, Pennsville, and Winslow are violating two of the restrictions


  • Pemberton and Pennsville are violating one


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GOOD NEWS—We noticed the trash pile at the south end of Water Street in the Southport Development area of Gloucester City has been removed. Kudos to the Gloucester City Public Works Department for cleaning the concrete and other debris. We mentioned the dump several times in our Peyton and Me Meandering column, and most recently in our June 20, 2022 column...WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT GLOUCESTER CITY'S TRASH PROBLEM.

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MOORESTOWN MALL PROPERTY SOLD— has reported that there will be a major change in the Moorestown Mall, in Moorestown soon. The mall owner, PRIET, is making a serious effort to modernize their property. They have announced they have sold two plots around that mall for a combined $14.2 million. The largest of the two transactions was for $12 million and plans are for 375 residential housing units to be built on that property  Additionally, PRIET also sold an out-parcel at Moorestown Mall to Four Corners Property Trust for $2.4 million. While no plans have officially been announced in connection to that sale, Four Corners Property Trust describes itself as, "a leading owner of restaurant real estate."


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WHERE CAN NJ SUNBATHERS BARE ALL? —According to the only legal clothing-optional beach in the Garden State is Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook/Gateway National Recreation Area. It's the largest such beach on the East Coast. It's not uncommon to see thousands of people sans clothing there on any given weekend in the summer.

Gunnison Beach is a beach within the Sandy Hook Unit of Fort Hancock and the Sandy Hook Proving Ground Historic District which is the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area, on the Atlantic coast of New Jersey. It is located in Middletown Township, Monmouth County, but is one federal land managed by the National Park Service. It is New Jersey's only legal clothing-optional beach.  source Wikipedia


WPG Talk Radio mentions several other locations including two sites in South Jersey which are now closed. One was Higbee Beach, on the Delaware Bay side of Cape May County and the other was Sunshine Park along Somers Point-Mays Landing Road in Mays Landing.

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CNBNews Point of View


Did The City of Gloucester City Break A State Law?




Those governing the City of Gloucester City, have lead the residents to believe that Great Things Are Happening in their City floating the above banner on city stationary for the last three decades and on other city owned literature and internet portals.  Yet as we have stated before we keep looking for one thing that residents can point too and say with pride that "Great Things Are Really Happening in our City".

It certainly hasn't happened with our property taxes. Since 2018 Gloucester City has been listed in the top 30 communities with the highest property taxes in the state of NJ. 

Now we learned the City Fathers, according to Kevin Walsh, the New Jersey State Comptroller, has been single out in his report for violating state regulations that were suppose to keep taxes under control. No doubt this explains one the reason our property taxes are so high.  

Maybe the Comptroller is just wrong.  Surely our City Fathers wouldn't deliberately break this law, would they?  It would be nice to hear someone in the present administration give a reason on how this could happen.  The law was enacted in 2007, how much more has it cost residents in taxes because Gloucester City didn't abide this edict? 

Thank you Mr. Walsh for bringing this to the attention of the hard working taxpayers in Gloucester City.

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