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by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor
GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 30, 2022)--A retired NJEA teacher got very upset with me for bringing attention to facts about Gloucester City's schools that are openly available on the city's and state's web pages.  The teacher demanded that I stop writing about the schools.  That will never happen, but I did allow a little time for the restoration of tranquility.
I'm back.
I looked into U.S. News trying to verify that which was written about Camden County school ratings for the 2021/2022 school year.  Here are their ratings of the county's high schools (from first to last.)
District                              State Rank     National Rank
1.   Haddonfield                      31                       708 
2.   Haddon Township         159                      4,332
3.   Collingswood                173                      4,802
4.   Gloucester City             183                     5,099
5.   Audubon                        303                     9,830
6.   Haddon Heights             308                     9,973
7.   Triton                              309                  10,126
8,   Overbrook                      329                   11,434
9.   Winslow Twp                  330                  11,434
10. Highland Regional          331                  11,534
11. Pennsauken                  345                   12,343
12. Lindenwold                    353                   12,884
13  Camden W.W.               N/A                   13,383
The results were different from what I expected.  Winslow Twp scored higher than Highland? I worked in Winslow so I was very confused.  Consequently, I checked the criteria.  
  • 30%       College Readiness
  • 20%      State Assessment Proficiency
  • 20%      State Assessment compared to U.S. News expectations of Black, Hispanic and Low-income students
  • 10%       Underserved Students (Black, Hispanic and Low-Income students only)


  • 10%       College Curriculum Breath - 12th Grade students only 


  • 10%       Graduation Rate 
Analysis of this data in the next article.