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by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor


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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 4, 2022)(CNBNews)--I recently used the US News' evaluation of the nation's high schools to see if I could prove or disprove Newsweek's conclusion that Gloucester City High School (state ranking 183) is the second-best high school in the county. I came up with similar, but not identical, results.

Here I found - US News' scoring was calculated primarily on subjective, liberal criteria.:

30%      College readiness
20%       State assessment proficiency
20%      State Assessment compared with other US News expectations given the proportion of Blacks, Hispanics and Low-Income students 
10%        Underserved students' performance (scores on state assessments only for Black, Hispanic, and Low-Income students
10%       College Curriculum Breath - 12th students who earned a qualifying score on Advanced Placement in multiple areas
10%       Graduation rates
Where Gloucester City High School did well:
34%        Minority Enrollment
59%        Economically disadvantaged
50%        AP placement
Where Gloucester City High School did not do well
23%         passed the Advanced Placement (23% of the 50% who took the test?)
27%         Math proficiency (state tests)
59%         Reading proficiency
  5%         Science proficiency
83%         Graduation rate (well below state standards)
I then looked at Collingswood (173 state ranking) and Audubon (303 state ranking) 
Where Audubon (lower ranking by one than GHS) did well
94%         Graduation rate
Where Audubon did not do well
16%         Minority Enrollment
22%         Low-Income students
34%         Math proficiency
47%         Reading proficiency
15%         Science proficiency
16%         College readiness
Where Collingswood (higher ranking by one than GHS) did well
48%         Minority Enrollment
39%         Economic Disadvantaged
88%         Graduation rate
Where Collingswood did not do well
32%         Advanced placement participation rate
25%         Passed AP exams
29%         Math proficiency
57%         Reading proficiency
28%         Science proficiency
For teachers to complain that they have to "teach to the test" none of these three schools has impressive scores, especially the 5% science proficiency rate.
Where do we go from here?