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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Does anyone know what is going on?

by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNewsnet
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We count on our government representatives to know the law and to protect us from governmental overreach.  After all many, if not most of our government leaders are lawyers.  If they don't know what is legal and what is not, who does?  Every lawyer has to take a course in Constitutional Law.  In recent years what I have heard coming from our representatives has made me cringe so let's look at some of the claims the politicians have made. Images-3
We're moving the Capital out of Washington, D.C.  No.  That can't happen without a Constitutional amendment.  The document says that the capital cannot be a part of any state, so we have two choices.  A state can give up part of its land which could mean giving up a congressman.  No state will do that.  The other possibility is asking Canada to cede a little piece of their country.  Don't forget, we'd have to build all new government buildings and infrastructure.
We're going to make Puerto Rico a state.  Hello.  Did anyone ask the Puerto Ricans about that?  This question comes up every now and then and is usually voted down by the Puerto Ricans before even making it onto our ballot.  Think about it.  The Puerto Ricans are American citizens.  They use U. S. dollars.  They can come from and go to the mainland without restriction.  They are protected by American armed forces.  
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What would change is taxation.  At this time Puerto Ricans only pay American taxes when they work on the mainland.  When they work on the island, they pay no federal taxes.  Would you vote to pay taxes when you already have all the benefits?  
Let's impeach Justice Clarence Thomas.  This is not likely.  While any civil servant can be impeached, no Supreme Court Justice ever has been.  The closest any Associate Justice came to impeachment was Abe Fortas (1965 - 1968) who resigned from the court before being charged.  Lower federal court justices have been impeached, one as recently as 2010.
What does impeachment do?  That depends.  An impeachment starts in the House of Representatives where the charges are read and they decide if there is enough evidence to try the person.  This is a lot like a grand jury for the average person.
If the decision is made to go to trial, the case goes over to the Senate where it takes two-thirds of the Senators to try him.  So far, those presidents to be impeached are Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump (twice.)  In each of those cases, the Senate did not have enough votes to find any of them guilty.  So, the impeachment becomes an asterisk on their score card.
Will President Biden be impeached?  This is just my opinion, but I think not and definitely not before January, 2023.  Biden's party, Democrats, control The House at this time.  If Republicans win The House in November's election, those representatives will not take the oath until January, 2023.  Even after that, if President Biden is removed from office, Vice President Harris takes his place.  Everyone, not just one party, agrees that would be like throwing our country out of the frying pan and into the flame.