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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: What's New in the Country

By Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor
(CNBNews)(July 1, 2022)--The past few weeks have been very active, if not confusing, concerning what has been in the news.  A lot of people these days get their news online which is like reading the first paragraph of a book.  There's a lot more behind the headlines.  Let's take a look:
1.   Disaster on the Border - Two days ago a semi was found in San Antonio, Texas.  A city worker heard cries from inside.  He found more than 60 illegal immigrants inside, most of them dead.  There was no food, water or air conditioning.  The driver and two other workers were eventually found and arrested while high on meth.  There has been no further word.  This would not have happened if the "stay in Mexico" policy were still in force.
2.   Disaster in California - Two young Hispanic men were arrested in California with 150,000 Fentanyl pills.  The possible damage these pills could do differs with every report, but it is safe to say that that every person from Trenton to Cape May could be killed with that quantity.  California, being what it is, arrested and booked the men, then released them when they promised to return for court.
3.   Clarance Thomas - There is a lot of anger being directed at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas over the Roe v. Wade decision.  Why Justice Thomas and not the others?  Most of the people complaining are black liberals and they don't like the way he voted.  He agreed with the majority of justices to send decisions on abortions back to the states, where it should have been all along. Refer to the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.  They feel he should have "voted black" rather than following the United States Constitution as is his sworn duty.
4.    Ghislaine Maxwell - We all remember Jeffery Epstein's gal-pal.  She was found guilty of pandering under-aged girls and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  Accused offenders, and Ms. Maxwell, usually stay in a local jail until the jury's verdict.  Then, if found guilty, they go back to the jail until they can be processed and sent to a state or federal prison.  
Ghislaine Maxwell has been assigned to Danbury Federal Prison in Connecticut until she can be evaluated and processed.  Many people know Danbury as "Camp Cupcake" or the place where Martha Stewart did her time (she was permitted to decorate her living space.)  Danbury is a low security facility.  The woman's side is called a camp, not a prison.  The women are housed in cubicles, not cells and there are no handcuffs.  
Would you or I go there if we did something like recruiting young girls for rich and influential men?  Probably not.  However, Ghislaine Maxwell wants to be sent to England to do her time.  She is afraid of violence due to the nature of her offences.  Good luck to her.
5.   A little North of us - Quebec Provence in Canada (pronounced K bec in French) has passed a law requiring that immigrants have six months to learn French for business purposes.  Can't speak French?  You lose your job.  Some people are afraid that businesses will leave Quebec because of this law but the French Canadians are a very determined people.