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The Perfect Essay for Me: How to Write It in College

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Write an essay for me that makes me sound like an intelligent, well-informed expert on a topic that interests me? Not so easy! No matter how interesting you think your topic might be, no one wants to read about it unless you can back up your opinions with facts and quotes from respected authorities on the subject. That’s what makes writing the perfect essay for me such a difficult task especially when you decide not to payforessay – not only do you have to know how to write something that interests your reader, but you have to make it sound like you are an expert in the field who knows more than they do!


Show vs. Tell


Show, don’t tell is an adage that’s been around almost as long as writing. While it might sound like a no-brainer, many people fail to follow through on its ideas. When writers show us something (i.e., describe it) instead of telling us about it, we get a more vivid sense of what they want us to know.


Take your time


So you’ve got an assignment due tomorrow and you’re stuck on what kind of essay to write. Don’t panic! Taking your time is crucial, as it allows you more time for brainstorming and researching. That said, it might be necessary to write up a quick outline of your ideas so that you can get down writing quickly.


Show Specific Details

One of your professors might ask you to write an essay on an assigned book or on a famous historical event. If so, it’s best not to generalize about those subjects. Instead, analyze specific details from them and use them as topics for your paper. For example, if you have been asked to write about Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , don’t start by talking about how much you loved reading it growing up or how much you liked learning more about American history. Start with something like In chapter 5, Huck explains that he is constantly hungry because he doesn’t get enough food at home. This is why he steals food when he can get away with it. Then go on to discuss what makes that detail important and useful for understanding Huck as a character. You can also use such specifics when writing a literary analysis paper or any other type of analytical essay.


Not every detail is important

When writing an essay about yourself, you might be tempted to include every detail, even if it doesn’t directly contribute to your overall message. Don’t overthink it—focus on who you are and what you want from college. Narrow down your favorite parts of yourself into a few sentences and use them as building blocks for more details later.


Start with a Hook

The first paragraph of your essay is your opportunity to grab an admissions officer’s attention. Write it with a clear, concise thesis statement and save your thesis statement at the end as well. And even if you already have an established passion or hobby that you’re pursuing, think about how it could impact society as a whole or be beneficial on a wider scale. Talk about how it could change lives—yours and others’—for the better. That’s compelling.


Avoid Clichés

Clichés sound like a way to start your essay, but they make your writing feel unoriginal and boring. Even if you’re only using one cliché, it can ruin an entire paragraph. When you’re stuck on what to write about, try finding a more creative way of saying something that everyone knows. Instead of writing that love hurts, perhaps you could share how love changed your life or ways that love can save a person from a tragedy. 


What Makes this Story So Great?

The content of your essay is probably what will set you apart from other students. If your college application essays are full of cliches, generalities, and overused phrases like challenging life experiences and changed my life, it’s unlikely that a school will want to admit you. However, if you can demonstrate that you have an interesting story and unique background, admission officers may be more interested in reading your essay. There are lots of importance attached to these exercises and you need to know them to come up with a perfect essay -



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