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Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 20.34.11image courtesy of Nukemap


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (JULY 31, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--With all this talk of a war between the United States with China or Russia, one has to wonder what would happen here in Southern New Jersey if a nuclear bomb was dropped on the City of Philadelphia the largest metropolitan city in the Delaware Valley. To answer that question used NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein to see what would happen if a nuclear warhead hit New York, Philadelphia, Washington or New Jersey.


The models show what would happen in aerial detonation, meaning the bomb would be set off in the sky, causing considerable damage to structures and people below; or what would happen in a ground detonation, which would have the alarming result of nuclear fallout. The models do not take into account the number of casualties that would result from fallout.

A nuclear blast centered in Philadelphia would cause severe death and damage to New Jersey.

The blast would be felt up the Route 1 corridor causing damage from Trenton to East Orange.
Buildings would be destroyed in every South Jersey city including Audubon, Bellmawr, Brooklawn, Gloucester City, Mt. Ephraim, Deptford, Voorhees, Riverside and Delanco.
Thermal radiation would cause third-degree burns from Haddonfield, Cherry Hill, Cinnaminson and Riverton.
Fallout would drift Northeast, spreading as far away as Middletown and Neptune to the East and Mount Olive to the West.
Deaths: 539,000
Injuries: 845,000

Philadelphia - Ground Impact with fallout

The blast would be felt as far away as Cherry Hill, Deptford, Maple Shade and Moorestown.
Buildings would be destroyed from Neptune to Mount Olive.
Thermal radiation would cause third-degree burns from Trenton, Plainfield, East Orange and Yonkers.
Deaths: 441,000
Injuries: 409,000

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