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All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing. ~Edmund Burke



by Dorothy Philbin  | CNBNewsnet


Usually when it comes to politics in Philadelphia, I take a stand that "I don't live there, work there, or pay taxes there so it isn't really my business."  However, now that George Seros-backed DA, Larry Krasner, has decided to not prosecute criminals, we in New Jersey are affected.  We are only a bridge length away from Larry Krasner's criminals.  It is about to get worse.Images-3

Philadelphia's police department is about to lose their state-wide accreditation.  Why?  The geniuses who administer Philadelphia's laws and order have decided that their police officers may no longer pull over a car for a minor infraction, such as a broken taillight.  That was the only example used in the Chris Palmer article published in the Philadelphia Inquirer (July 22, 2022.)  I wonder about darkened windows.  Shields over license plates so the EZ Pass cameras can't read the plate?  There was no list of "minor infractions" included in the article.
People were often pulled over for such minor offenses only for the police to find the driver has warrants, or the officer smells alcohol on the driver's breath, or the smell of marijuana in the vehicle.  Now, because these drivers are being mailed tickets, the drivers are still on the road and only a bridge length from New Jersey.
So, instead of being held in custody in Philadelphia, the drivers and their passengers are free to come to New Jersey.  Maybe they want a weekend at the Jersey shore.  Maybe they want some of New Jersey's legal pot.  The number of "maybes" are too numerous to count but they all include Philadelphia drivers, who should not be on the road, and their passengers being on our, New Jersey streets.
There was a man born in Ireland in 1729, Edmund Burke.  I had never heard of him in high school or college, but his most famous saying means more today than ever - "All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing."  I hear this almost on a daily basis and that worries me.  We all need to do something.