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What's Up With The Virtua EMTs, Paramedics and Gloucester City Police Center Street Summit?


By Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 29, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)-- I was just interrupted by a vehicle, outside my living room window, slamming doors and just being annoying.  I got up to check it out.

There was a Virtua ambulance and a police car.  The EMT was just pacing in front of my bay window and the officer was talking to someone inside the ambulance and taking notes.  It took quite a while.  Next, a paramedic vehicle pulled up.  The EMT walked over to talk to the paramedics.  The police officer left.  Another EMT showed his face from the back of the ambulance.  He closed the door from the inside. The pacing EMT got behind the wheel and drove away with the lights on.  The paramedics followed without lights.  No one was in a hurry.
To top it all off, Center Street just became one way so the police, EMTs, and paramedics were all going the wrong way on a one-way street.  It didn't seem to be much of an emergency, they were just annoying.