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The Annoying "Boom-Car" Parties(video)


Dorothy Philbin | CNBNewsnet


Finally, someone has heard our calls for help.  At least since 2017, those of us on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River have been suffering from the effects of "Boom-Car" Parties.  If you are new to the South Jersey area these are trucks and cars loaded with sound equipment so intense that houses from Gloucester County up to Burlington County shake and things fall from the shelves and walls much like a small earthquake.  Usually, this noise, being termed music, is coming from the Philadelphia area. 

The Cinnaminson police have been the most aggressive participant working for us.  They attended, with several other municipal and state officials, a meeting with Philadelphia representatives on April 28, 2022.  As a result of that meeting the Philadelphia police officials "have ordered additional patrols in the areas where the reports of noise have been reported, specifically during peak hours.  Agency policies and procedures are being reviewed and modified to help combat the problem as well."*
Another person who is in there fighting for us is our new State Assemblyman, William Spearman.  He is introducing legislation which would eliminate loud noise on both sides of the river.**  I wouldn't count on results any time soon as getting legislation introduced, negotiated, passed and then implemented takes a long time.  The actual wording of the proposed law hasn't been released yet.
With good news always comes bad.  Spearman's legislature, once implemented will only apply to New Jersey residents blaring music into Philadelphia.  Neither he, nor any other New Jersey lawmaker, has any authority outside the state.  Spearman plans to send his legislation to Philadelphia and request that their officials use it as a guide for their own.  Again, New Jersey has no control over Pennsylvania.  All we can do is ask.
The Cinnaminson police have published their non-emergency phone number for people to report noise complaints.  No number has been provided by Gloucester City police.

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