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The Best Personal Website Examples

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There are so many excellent personal websites on the web that it's difficult to pick just one as the best. You could go for a standard resume, but why not go for something more exciting and creative? Many resources online talk about the best personal website examples, with their own strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we will highlight a few of them.

Kyle Craven's portfolio

You can visit Kyle Craven's portfolio website to learn more about his work. He lives in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and works as the manager of his father's construction business. His portfolio website is simple, with no featured projects, but it's also loaded with content that demonstrates his design skills and prompts visitors to click the links. Craven's site is well-designed and follows the Z pattern. It links his social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Dribbble.

Nia's clean and uncluttered design

Nia's clean and uncluttered personal site design is a great example of what you should aim for when creating a personal website. The clean, uncluttered layout of the Nia Shanks website draws attention to her powerful headline and her work, which is presented in short sentences and pictures. The color scheme matches the overall look of the website. She uses an eye-catching icon and easy-to-read fonts to make her site as easy to navigate as possible.

Tobias Becs' fullscreen image

Tobias Becs is a freestyle football champion and the founder of 4Freestyle. He's made a name for himself as a freestyler by creating award-winning content and working with Renault to market the car brand. Tobias' personal website is mainly one page, with a full-screen image header introducing himself. A contact form and social media icons are also included.

Tobias Becs' personal website design has minimal content, but it is visually appealing. A single page with a hi-resolution header image is the centerpiece of this design. The site also uses simple fonts and whitespace to make it appealing for both seasoned and casual web visitors. Tobias Becs is a world-class freestyle football champion and founder of 4Freestyle. He works with brands like Renault to create award-winning content for his website.

Dan Makoski's personal brand website

The chief design officer of Lloyds Banking Group, Dan Makoski, is a great example of a person with a personal brand website. His business card calls him the chief goo obliterator - a catch-all phrase for the things that slow us down. Dan Makoski is far from a crazy Silicon Valley geek - he's actually quite simple. He scribbles on a whiteboard during our interview and speaks with an unobtrusive American accent.

While his personal brand website may be simple, it's not all about a website. Makoski has a history in design, working as a designer at Motorola, Capital One, Google, and Walmart. He has also worked on various projects for Microsoft, including its Surface tablet and Project Ara modular smartphone. He has a unique background and has had success in a wide variety of different fields.