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Peyton and Me Meandering (20):

2024 Presidential Candidate Visits Gloucester City; Gas Attendant Threaten; Lunch at Bogeys

chapter 20

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


WHO KNOWS THIS GUY COULD BE THE PRESIDENT ONE DAY!—On our walk Saturday morning Peyton and Me noticed a man looking up into the sky as we headed down Cold Springs Drive towards the Market Street Bus Stop. As I rounded the corner walking towards Broadway the man is still staring into the sky.  I stopped of course, and I looked up in the direction he was looking. 


Many people might just keep walking by, but my curiosity got the best of me.  “What are you looking at?”, I asked. The man with gray thinning hair and a white beard says, “ I am trying to get a suntan why I wait for the bus.”


At the time he is wearing a sleeveless insulated vest, button up to his neck, and his pants are rolled up above his ankles. The temp at 10 AM was 75 or so. He continues looking up while he is talking with me, his eyes are open now.  I introduce him to Peyton and he says, “Like Peyton Manning?”  How about this guy that is who Peyton is named after. She was born on the day Manning won the Super Bowl. 


He proceeds to tell me that he is the first Catholic candidate of the Libertarian Party to declare that he is running for President of the United States in the 2024 election. 


Wow, I said to myself, right here in Gloucester City a presidential candidate.

  Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 15.48.54Jimmy Carter visited Gloucester City NJ in October 1980 (photo courtesy of Gloucester History in Photos)


 I also met the other  presidential candidate that came to our City in 1980. He was Democrat President Jimmy Carter in October of that year.  A select group of Gloucester City residents were invited to meet with Carter at the Knights of Columbus Hall and my father and I covered the historic event as reporters for the Gloucester City News. Carter lost his bid for his second term to Ronald Reagan in November that year. Jimmy was highly unpopular and was blamed for food shortages, toilet paper shortages, and high gas prices to mention just a few of the things that cost him reelection. Until Joe Biden came along he was the most unpopular president in modern-day history. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 16.29.43
The paper the presidential hopeful hands me has the address of his campaign headquarters in King of Prussia written on it. On the other side is a printed job application for Dunkin Donuts.

O'Donnell has a canvas-type shopping bag on his shoulder, he reaches in it and pulls out an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper with writing on it. At first, I thought he was going to give me his business card but no it was his campaign flyer.   On the other side of the paper is a blank job application for DUNKIN. 

He says “Goggle that name and you’ll find me.  Do you have a $1 for my campaign? Just a dollar. If you don’t you can send it to me at that address, I am Ed O’Donnell.”


Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 14.49.52
Through the years, ( r.) Ed in 2011, 2015, 2018


Come to find out Ed made his first bid for the presidency in 2012. Once he got the bug he continued to run in each presidential election thereafter. Who knows this could be the year Ed wins it all. The odds are with him. To think one of his first campaign stops was in the little City of Gloucester City, NJ. 


If you like to make a donation to his campaign send it to Winthrop Foundation, 240 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia, Pa., 19406 (IRS # No.51-0123945).

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 18.04.31

source BusinessInsider

I don't think O’Donnell will have to worry about Biden in 2024. Do you? His dementia is getting worst each day. Last week the 79-year-old needed a written cue card to tell him when to sit down, among other things.  Our country's enemies must be laughing at us for electing this man as our President. The card even instructed him when to say hello. (see above). The card was photographed from a distance at the president's meeting with wind energy executives this past Thursday.  




WEST DEPTFORD, NJ (June 25, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--As the above story about Ed O'Donnell shows a simple hello to a stranger can develop into fascinating conversations. I found this to be true so many times over my lengthy career.

Here is another example of that concept. 

Last Friday we stopped at a gas station in West Deptford for 12 gallons of gas, which cost $60. As we were waiting we started a conversation with the attendant who was from India. Somehow the topic  turned to the crime problem in our state and elsewhere. 

Krish (not his real name) told a tale about a man who demanded he give him $5 worth of gas. “The thief said if I don’t give him the gas he will come back with a gun and shoot me and everyone else who is here,” said Krish.  “I gave him the gas. When I told my boss he said I should not have done that, and he was going to take the $5 out of my pay. I wasn’t going to risk my life over $5; would you? 


“I like America, it is a great country. I blame the crime problem in this country on the politicians who allowed the people to smoke pot.  Yesterday this guy comes in for gas. Two kids are sitting in the back seat. The smell of pot was so strong it gave me a headache. The smoke in the car was so heavy I had a problem seeing the faces of the kids. In India, if you are caught smoking pot you go to jail. Pot makes your brain dead. ”


Krish put the cap back on my gas tank; before I drove off he said, “Most people that stop here are like yourself very friendly.”


Afterward, I thought about his experience with the thief. I know if it had happened to me I would have walked away from the job right there and then. His boss should be ashamed of himself for not contacting the police about the robbery, and for taking $5 out of Krish’s paycheck.


 Find a new job Krish there are plenty of openings elsewhere. 



SEWELL NJ (CNBNews)(June 15, 2022)We visited Bogey’s Restaurant and Outdoor Deck, Sewell a few weeks ago. Connie and I were accompanied by our friends, Bob, Janet, Dianna, and Marty.  The owner of the establishment is Allan Bogey. It overlooks the Pitman Golf Course. Allan is not related to Donald Bogey, the man who is building a restaurant on the banks of the Big Timber Creek in Brooklawn His bar Bogey’s Private Eyes once stood on the same location at U.S. Route 130 and Creek Road, a few yards from the Brooklawn circle. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 12.25.40

Above, an aerial view of Bogey's Restaurant and Outdoor Deck. (photo provided by Bogey's)

The restaurant and deck we visited both have an expansive wood-paneled indoor dining area and a relaxed outdoor seating deck with room for 50. It overlooks a sloping green and fresh-water pond. (Source


It was a nice day so we sat at a table for six on the outer deck. Our server for the day was Julie, who was personable, courteous, and quick to please. The gigantic chicken parmesan (above) that I ordered was deliciously prepared over linguini. The tomato gravy was to die for. The mild chicken wings, according to Bob, were tender and spicy. Janet had a fish toco and Connie had a shrimp toco. Both raved about their food. Dianna chose a turkey club that she enjoyed and Mart decided on a cheeseburger cooked medium-well.  All of us had so much food we couldn’t eat it all, so the leftovers we brought home took care of dinner later that night. The cost of our meal for the six of us with drinks totaled $160 or $37 per. The table conversation along with the laughs and memories of long-time friendships made for a wonderful day. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 16.17.53
from left, turkey club, hamburger, and shrimp toco