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Will Norcross’s GOUGE Act gouge taxpayers

Gustafson: “I immediately become suspicious any time Donald Norcross proposes anything that offers tax breaks.”

COLLINGSWOOD – Responding to another email from Congressman Donald Norcross last week about suspending the federal gas tax and touting his “GOUGE Act” Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s First Congressional District, Claire Gustafson, said the email is nothing more than campaign rhetoric from the Congressman’s office.

Claire Gustafson


“In theory, a temporary suspension of federal gas taxes will provide some financial relief for hard-working New Jerseyans but I immediately become suspicious any time Donald Norcross proposes anything that offers tax breaks,” Claire Gustafson said.


Gustafson continued, “Remember, the last time Norcross did anything offering substantial tax breaks in New Jersey? It was the Economic Opportunity Act that he proudly proclaimed he led the charge to get passed. The tax breaks from that law gouged New Jersey taxpayers by providing hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks that went to family and friends of the political cartel headed by Norcross’s brother.”


“Now, as hardworking New Jerseyans are faced with high gas prices, soaring grocery prices and record inflation it is time for Norcross to offer real solutions.” Gustafson said, “Don’t stop at pushing for a temporary suspension of gas taxes. If he’s serious about folks saving money on gas Norcross should join me in calling on the Governor and Democrats in the state legislature to support state Senator Ed Durr’s ‘Gas Price and Inflation Tax Credit Act’ passed. If Norcross is concerned about all the other causes of financial strain on New Jerseyans then he could put pressure on Democrats in the state legislature to work toward passing the legislative Republicans’ ‘Give it Back’ initiative. Norcross won’t do any of that because he’s afraid to admit a Republican has a good idea.”