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Jonah Engler puts forward pointers to help beginners become more mindful


Hectic schedules and busy lives can make it challenging for you to concentrate on the present. People often wrap up things because they want to focus on those aspects which are coming up and thereby do not give importance to their present feelings. However, it is not a good sign. It is where practicing mindfulness can help you focus on the present and be happy with what you have.

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Mindfulness is the latest play trend that you may try multiple times and calm your senses. When you approach this regularly and correctly, it may help you with numerous benefits related to your mental health. Research highlights that mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety with depression and mood swings. You do not require any special equipment for this to practice mindfulness. However, you have to practice regularly. Make it a basis of your daily life and see how it does wonders to your mental health. If you want to experience the advantages of practicing mindfulness, you must be persistent. 


How to best practice mindfulness? 


First and foremost, you must find a silent and quiet place for concentration. Practicing mindfulness is about focusing. Hence, you cannot practice this trick in a busy and crowded setting. Jonah Engler asks readers to choose a place and time to practice mindfulness and ensure that there is no interruption. You have to keep your mind and body relaxed to live in the moment. 


Find your comfortable position


Apart from the place and time, it would help if you practiced in a position that keeps you comfortable. The way you position yourself is up to you. Some people love to sit, whereas others want to stand while practicing mindfulness. You may also sit in the Lotus position or lie down based on your preferences. Remember that you will have unnecessary distractions if you do not have a comfortable place. 


Focus on breathing


When practicing mindfulness, you must train your mind to deviate from the future and past thoughts. Remember that it is not a practice for calming your mind but paying attention to the current situation. For doing this, Jonah Engler suggests practicing mindful breathing; it can help you drastically.


Set your time limit


For beginners, you must be considerate of your time limit. You may start practicing for five minutes and Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 11.29.23 then increase the duration whenever you are comfortable. Before increasing the time duration steadily, you must be satisfied with your practice. It will help if you prevent diving into deep practice too soon. 


You must work on your schedule and make mindfulness practice a significant part of your life. When you devote your time to practicing mindfulness, this meditation technique can help you start your day on a positive note. Remember that mental and physical health is significant when practicing mindfulness; your attention span increases while your mind relaxes. 


Mental health is vital because you don't pressure yourself about what has happened or is about to happen. The more you focus on the current scenario, the better your quality of life.