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 William E. Cleary Sr. l CNBNews


Seaside Waste Service is the City's new trash hauler (CNBNews photo)


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 13, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--The city received two bids for the collection of trash and recyclables.  Seaside Waste Service of Hammonton, which submitted the low bid of $1,748,601 for three years was awarded the contract. The other bid of $1,796,222 was received from Central Jersey Waste and Recyclables. Dumping fees are approximately $81 a ton.  In 2021 the city paid $478,604 in dumping fees and in 2020 the total was $453,228.

Seaside Waste Service will be picking up both trash and recyclable materials on the same collection day.  The new trash hauler will service 849 homes each collection day, five days a week. 

Seaside Waste Services, according to their website, is a leading provider of non-hazardous solid waste and recycling collection throughout central and southern New Jersey.  We service over 2,000 commercial customers and over a dozen municipalities. We also offer dumpster rentals in a variety of sizes to both commercial and residential customers. The Company has been in operations for over 44 years and recently changed its name to Seaside. The Company is headquartered in Hammonton, NJ and has additional NJ operations in Burlington County.

Seaside Waste Services is committed to providing the highest quality service to the community. We are focused on exceeding our customer needs through flexibility and affordability.


City Solicitor Howard Long was asked if Solterra, the previous trash collector,  had been fined for not picking up trash and recyclables on time for several weeks recently.

"Solterra had been under an emergency, month-to-month contract, or since the City parted ways with Republic Service back in May/June of 2020. They were never signed to a contract for the period of service, between the time they started in May/June of 2020 until Seaside began on June 1, 2022. Therefore, we were not able to levy fines due to that set of circumstances."

Long said, "With the new trash contractor the City will be saving approximately $20,000 a month. One of the reasons for the lower cost is that the trash hauler doesn't have to travel that far to dispose of the waste. They will dump it at the nearby incinerator in Camden City about a mile away. With the cost of gas being as high as it is the contractor is saving lots of money by using that incinerator and that is helping to keep the cost down. The contract is for three years with two one-year extensions. If Seaside misses a day there are severe liquid data damages in place. The county is presently negotiating the recyclables contract for our city and others. Presently we pay $5 a ton for recyclables ."


Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 21.05.57


In other matters,


Brett Wiltsey, Esq.,of the Dilworth Paxson, and the city’s special counsel to the Gloucester City Tax Office, notified Robert Doble to cease use of the city owned property at 330 Nicholson Road. The city has owned the ground since 2011. A trespassing complaint was filed against Doble by the city.

A proposed ordinance pertaining to cannabis Zoning were presented to mayor and council on February 17. The item was tabled and assigned to city solicitor Howard Long.


Action was taken with the distressed properties owned by the City of Gloucester City.Those measures include;


  1. 320 Market Street-Exterminator charges and public works repairs accomplish again.
  2. 514 S. John Street-Offered for sale at public auction for $25,000. No bids received.
  3. 227 Morris Street-Offered for sale at public auction for $25.000. No bids received.
  4. 332 Morris Street-This property should be consolidated with 330 Morris Street which is a empty lot measuring 13 feet x 90 feet located west of 332 Morris Street. There is a 3 foot alley between properties that must be vacated by the city. The resultant single-family row home at 332 Morris Street would have a 36th foot x 90 foot lot and could be listed for sale.


The Housing Office recommended the properties above should be sold as soon as possible.

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 20.55.21
A sober living home has been established in the unit block of Champion Road, but according to the City zoning officer the property owner has violated housing rules. Image courtesy of Google maps

According to the Housing Office a cooperative sober living home has been established in the unit block of Champion Road. The zoning officer referred the property owner to the Zoning Board, but the property owner has fraudulently obtained a certificate of occupancy for a privately-owned single family home with himself as the only resident. The zoning officer feels the matter should be determined by the Planning and Zoning Board.

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 19.36.31

The property owner of 300 North Broadway (above, on the left) has been fined a total of $879,000 for violations of maintenance and zoning laws.


The report states there are $879,000 in fines assessed to 300 North Broadway by the Gloucester City Municipal Court from the conviction of property maintenance and zoning violations.The property, a vacant lot, sits on the corner of Broadway and Essex street. The ground was purchased on December 22, 2020 by Henry L. Mensah according to a real estate search. 


The March 2022 summary revealed that there were 566 housing inspections (Co’s/Rentals/TT) completed;85 code enforcement violations inspections accomplished; 137 Uniformed Construction Code (UCC) inspections. Fees for the month of March totaled $46,902. The total fees for 2022 amounts to $296,918.


The City made a request to Assignment Judge Deborah Silverman Katz for permission to conduct two additional court sessions for the Gloucester City Municipal Court each month to address housing related backlog cases.The request was granted.

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EDITORS NOTE: CNBNews submitted an OPRA to Vanessa Little, municipal clerk and custodian of records for information regarding the city's new trash hauler, along with a request for copies of the March Housing Office report that was released to the mayor and council last month.