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A Message from Brooklawn Mayor Teri Branella

Dear Friends and Neighbors:
May is the month that I moved to Brooklawn… 37 years ago! The house needed a lot of work. I thought it would be a perfect project for my dad who had just retired. So, I moved in, and we got started renovating. I figured I’d stay 5-7 years and move
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Well, that just didn’t happen.
Simply put, I fell in love with Brooklawn. I loved the way I felt part of a community, part of a neighborhood. Neighbors look out for one another.
In 2001, I was fortunate to be asked to fill a vacant position on Borough Council. I felt honored and happy to have an active role in forming the future of this great borough. I
In 2011, I was further honored to be elected as mayor. As mayor, I was able to grow a strong governing body of six members with the same vision of making Brooklawn the best little community it could be. After a lot of reflection, I have made the decision to not seek a fourth term as mayor.
These past 12 years as your mayor have been amazing. The faith and trust instilled in me by my constituents has allowed me and Borough Council to grow this community in so many ways. There are so many things that I am grateful for - everyone’s faith and trust in me is tops. The relationships made and the friendships created will always be treasured. It has been a true honor to serve you, the residents of Brooklawn, my neighbors.
My term ends at the end of the year but, I'll still be your neighbor! Be sure to say hello at an upcoming event!
Council President Julie McCleary is running unopposed for mayor this year. By all accounts, she is ready for the challenge. Julie has been my right hand for the last 12 years. Her years of leadership, both in Brooklawn and her business life, have prepared her well to continue the progress we've made.
Please be sure to get out and vote today, Tuesday, election day!
Teri Branella - Mayor