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A Detailed Pie Iron Guide for Campers


Pie irons, an extraordinarily versatile instrument, were the first equipment people used around the campfire. Pie irons enabled them to prepare various dishes, exploring different ingredients and tailoring each pie iron to the consumer's preferences. A few of those early explorations are now staples on every camping trip. You cannot go camping without your campfire pie irons.


What's the ideal campfire pie iron?

Pie iron is a set of metal presses, usually made of cast iron, which you can use for cooking over an open fire. Pie irons exist in various forms and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: producing warm, baked sandwiches and pies filled with yummy ingredients.

If you want to acquire a pie iron, consider one made using cast iron since it is robust and evenly warms meals. A good pie iron features a long arm with a heat-proof grip that allows for simple flipping during cooking. Go for a pie iron with a clasp near the handle that enables you to close the iron. The clasp also lets you keep an eye on your meal while cooking. If you're preparing for large groups, consider purchasing a dual pie iron or numerous irons to speed up the cooking process.

How should you use your campfire pie iron?

Pie iron is a vital camping cooking gear since it makes cooking easy. Simply prepare sandwiches with your favorite ingredients and bread, apply butter on all sides, then lay them in the pie iron. Warm the pie iron over medium-high heat till the pie is well warmed and roasted. Most pies will bake for 3 - 5 minutes per side. However, since every fire burns uniquely, monitor your pies while they're on fire. While cooking with a pie iron is straightforward, here are some pointers to consider.

  • Try out different bread and fillings: A pie iron is versatile. Create different pie combinations by using your creativity.
  • Use cooking spray: Butter adds taste and color, while cooking spray offers added protection against sticking.
  • Don't stuff your pudgy pie too much: Overfilling the pie iron may cause food to adhere to the cast iron. It may also produce leaks, which might result in flame flare-ups.
  • Make use of pre-cooked items: Cook any longer-cooking ingredients prior to adding them to your pies.
  • Preheat the press: Heat your pie iron to shorten the baking time as you prepare your ingredients.
  • Check on your pies frequently: A decent pie iron has a simple latch for checking on your pie. Since every fire is different, monitoring your pies will help you know how far your meal has been cooked. Remember to rotate your pie halfway through cooking to ensure equal toasting.

How should you clean and maintain your campfire pie iron?

Before using any cast iron pie iron, season it. Wash off all the protective wax that has accumulated on the pie iron. Afterward, coat the press using oil and heat for 15 minutes on medium to high heat. Cool the cast iron prior to re-oiling and heating it. The pie iron will be ready to use after the second seasoning. Clean the cast iron like any cast iron cookware once it has been seasoned.

Pie irons ought to be in every camping cooking gear because they allow campers to create great snacks and meals with minimal effort. They are also quite simple to maintain properly.