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The Fruits Of Donald Norcross’s Labor Are Paying Off For South Jersey’s Political Cartel

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Gustafson: “South Jersey’s political cartel keeps feeding itself…”

COLLINGSWOOD – Claire Gustafson, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s First Congressional District, said today that South Jersey’s political cartel still has its hands in the taxpayer cookie jar created by cartel member Donald Norcross.


At issue is a recently published report detailing how politically connected Camden companies received the first installment of their hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks years after a task force investigation.


“Investigations mean nothing, South Jersey’s political cartel keeps feeding itself with taxes paid by the hardworking people of the first congressional district. And it all starts with Donald Norcross,” Claire Gustafson said. “It was Norcross who in February 2014 when he first ran for Congress, proudly proclaimed he ‘led the charge on getting the Economic Opportunity Act passed into law.’ It appears the only thing his law did was help folks connected to South Jersey’s political machine that happens to be led by the Norcross family.”


Gustafson continued, “The fruits of Donald Norcross’s labor are paying off for South Jersey’s political cartel, $24,045,626 worth of tax credits for the 2020 installment to three companies connected to Donald Norcross, one of those companies being owned by his own brother, the head of South Jersey’s political cartel.”


“Nearly two years ago I said, ‘The entire Economic Development Authority tax incentive scandal lies at Donald Norcross’s feet.’ The same is still true today and I intend to use the bully pulpit of Congress to ensure South Jersey’s political cartel can no longer feed at the trough of the hardworking taxpayers of our district.”