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Congressman Van Drew (R-NJ)Votes NO on House Bill to Address Baby Formula Crisis

TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is releasing the following statement after Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew voted against the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act, which would provide emergency funding to address the shortage of infant formula in the United States. Every one of New Jersey’s Democratic members of Congress voted for the bill.
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“While Democrats are moving quickly to pass legislation that would help families and address the shortage of baby formula, Jeff Van Drew is proving again that he has no interest in helping New Jersey families trying to feed their babies,” said NJDSC Vice Chair Peg Schaffer. “The fact that Van Drew voted against a bill to help curb the nationwide formula shortage tells you everything you need to know about Jefferson Van Drew. The vote was callous, inhumane, and in line with his new home in the ultra-MAGA wing of the Republican party. While Republicans like Van Drew are voting against actual solutions, Democrats are laser-focused on providing the resources to help address the infant formula shortage, and working to lower costs on everything from gas to groceries.”
Cumberland County Resident Sean Pignatelli is running for Congress to represent District 02 of New Jersey. He is available for interviews.
This “no” vote is the latest in a long pattern of Van Drew actively working against real solutions to the problems faced by New Jerseyans. Earlier this year, Van Drew joined 193 House Republicans in voting against capping the cost of insulin at $35 a month, while every New Jersey Democrat supported the bill. Additionally, every congressional Republican — including both Van Drew and Chris Smith — voted against the American Rescue Plan, which has saved New Jerseyans money on everything from their health care premiums to rent or mortgage to child care costs, and more.
Less than two years ago, Jeff Van Drew (Congressman representing the 2nd Congressional district of New Jersey) was praised by Republicans and even got an endorsement from then President Trump. However, as of the present day Van Drew's party support has fractured leading some to call the upcoming primary "The RINO Referendum."
About Sean Pignatelli
Cumberland County Resident Sean Pignatelli is running for Congress to represent District 02 of New Jersey. As a small business owner and member of the Carpenter's Union, Sean has a plan to" bring jobs back to South Jersey, end mask mandates, give parents a voice in their children's classrooms, and reinforce the community's support for local police. Pignatelli has been campaigning to support veterans, and secure 2nd Amendment Rights.
Pignatelli's wife Robin is a front line worker at a local hospital, and his 3 sons attend school locally. Sean's motivation for helping others and entering politics happened when his brother passed away suddenly in June of 2020 from an overdose. Since then, Sean has given 110% to help build a better tomorrow for everyone in South Jersey.
Sean's take on the issues: