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South Jersey Polls in District 2 “Not Surprising At All” To Most Residents


With only a month to New Jersey’s primary elections, the latest polls are unsurprising to many residents of New Jersey’s Congressional District 2. Three of the latest polls are what many residents will be keeping an eye on over the course of this election. 6a00d8341bf7d953ef022ad3b591c7200b-200pi


The first poll asked how you feel about Republican Jeff Van Drew’s performance since 2020. An overwhelming 67% of respondents reflected negative results towards Van Drew. With 28% being “upset”, and 39% being “concerned”. 


Only 12% indicated positive responses. 9% were “happy”, and 3% said they were “extremely happy” with Van Drew’s performance. The remaining 20% reported they were “unsure”. 


The negativity from this poll was no doubt a result of Van Drew voting for the Biden Infrastructure Bill, which many residents blame for the rising costs we now see everywhere. Peter Fury, owner of Pete’s Carpentry, of Buena Vista was quoted stating “Van Drew has p****ed many people off in our district by voting for that infrastructure bill,” in an InsiderNJ article.


The next poll asked “Who do you plan to vote for in New Jersey's Congressional District 2 Republican primary election?” This poll came to some residents as a shock, while others felt it was very accurate given the amount of campaigning the candidates have conducted. 


29% of this poll went to the current incumbent, Jeff Van Drew, while 44% went to Van Drew’s primary opponents. Constitutional Conservative, Sean Pignatelli, received the majority at 32% of the vote and John Barker received 12%. The remaining 27% had said they were still “undecided” at this time. 


Pignatelli has campaigned the hardest of all the candidates in the district. With a very low amount of funds, Pignatelli has resorted to traditional campaigning. Spending days upon days knocking on doors, and showing up to local farms and police stations, Pignatelli continues to make sure everyone has heard his voice and where he stands.


The last poll asked whether you’d vote for a Republican or Democrat in the November general election. 48% agreed on Republican, while only 33% agreed on a Democrat. The remaining 29% said “Undecided” or selected another party.


When the redistricted maps came out, we saw district 2 was made much stronger for Republicans, so this poll also came as no surprise to most of the residents. Democrats will have an uphill battle come November regardless of who wins the Republican primary.


We were able to catch up with Pignatelli’s campaign on the latest poll numbers. “That’s pretty cool. However, I'm not going to change what I’m doing. This just means I have a month left to campaign even harder. I want everyone to know what I stand for before they cast their vote.”


Pignatelli’s campaign hasn’t strayed from day one. He has now promised to introduce bills to lower property taxes for all United States Veterans, and to lower the income tax rate for farmers. Pignatelli still believes funding our Law Enforcement is a necessity and protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights is a constitutional obligation. 


With just a month left until New Jersey’s primaries we will see if any of the candidates change the way they’ve been campaigning based on the new poll numbers. 

Jonathan Harvey 
Cape May, NJ
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Polls were performed by “Eastern Strategies”. Respondents included residents of NJ’s District 2 that are “more than likely” to vote in the upcoming primary election. Polls were conducted from May 1st thru May 5th. Results can be found at https://linkto.run/r/BMDKL1QY and https://linkto.run/r/I504NWA4