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William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--For whatever reason, there are sections of Gloucester City that are being used as dumping grounds by people who have no respect for the environment or the community that you and I live in. They litter the main streets of the City with their trash and or drop it in the fields across from the Cold Springs School Campus. Some of these same individuals are responsible for the trash piles along Water and Charles Streets in the old industrial area. Some playgrounds have become a favorite target, even though trash cans are visible in most city parks. Sadly the offenders are not only from out-of-town but residents who live here. 

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The fields across from the Cold Springs School Campus have been used as an illegal dump site for years. The trash in this photo was discovered in early May 2022. Discarded mail in one of the bags revealed the trash was dumped by a person with a Philadelphia address. In an effort to get it removed the Gloucester City Police along with the mayor and council were notified about it. Unfortunately our effort was in vain as the trash is still there. Mother Nature has covered some of the unsightly mess with weeds;


Last month a person living in Philadelphia dumped bags and bags (above) of discarded construction material, old furniture, and other waste across from the Cold Springs Schools. We sent emails containing photos of the waste to the mayor and council. We notified the police, and an officer told us that he would talk with the Public Works Department about having it removed. 

Two years ago, maybe longer,  we started to notice that contractors and others were dumping building waste on Water Street and Charles Street. Once again we notified mayor and council and department heads about the problem sending them photos of what we found. Nothing happened. This past Saturday we were walking on Water Street and noticed that the situation has gotten worst. More debris had been dropped on Water Street this time closer to Charles Street. 

We learned long ago that once an area is targeted as a dump the problem grows as more offenders add to the trash that is already there. The debris has to be removed as soon as it is noticed. 


In our opinion, you need to instill in the people who live here community pride. Start by holding an annual Fix Up, Clean Up campaign in each neighborhood and reward prizes to the residents who live in the block that wins. Set up video cameras at playgrounds or trail cameras along with signs warning the public they will be fined if caught littering. Put the same type of video equipment in the areas that are frequently used for a dumping ground.  More trash cans along our main thorough fares. The city receives money from the state for recycling,  use that money to help with the cost. Have a dedicated phone line and email address just for taking calls from the public to report discarded trash. 

That is just our suggestions, what are yours? 

One thing is for certain until a more aggressive campaign is put into place by our “City Fathers” this problem will never go away. Mayor and council can pass new laws addressing this situation but unless they are enforced they are just wasting time and money. Likewise the police department/housing office needs to enforce the laws that are already on the books. Specifically the law that pertains to abandoned or unlicensed vehicles sitting on properties throughout the city.