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Pet Tips: Molly Mutt's Lesson on Anxiety and Solutions


Pet Anxiety Awareness Week May 2022

OAKLAND, Calif.—Pets can get anxious when their loved ones are away, on Zoom calls, or too busy to play fetch, give belly rubs and say “good stretch.” Molly Mutt says that Pet Anxiety Awareness Week is a reminder that simple actions can relieve anxious pets.  



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“Pets don’t have to be anxious. There are some simple ways that you can provide your pets some relief when you aren’t right by their side,” said Molly Mutt's co-founder Molly Mundt. “At Molly Mutt, we recognize that for over 30,000 years, dogs and humans have lived together as companions and protectors, sidekicks and soulmates. We have built our offerings on this age-old bond by designing ways for dogs and people to be together.”

Molly Mutt’s origin story starts with its co-founder, three muddy mutts, a couple of dirty dog beds, and San Francisco's famous hills. In 2009, Molly grew tired of trying to wash dirty dog beds that would fall apart and need to be replaced.

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The thought of how much waste was being created bothered Molly on an ethical level. “Why aren’t there bed duvet covers like the ones that go on my bed?” Molly asked. From there she and her business partners postulated a sustainable future in pet lifestyle offerings, where beds and products were not only more manageable, but better for the environment.

“We have also designed solutions for when you are away from your pet. Our stuff sacks give you the ability to form the mattress of your dog bed with old pillows, blankets, sweatshirts & more. Pets love the smell and comfort of their owners,” added Mundt.

Molly Mutt offered some lifestyle solutions for pet owners to help ease anxiety for their pets:

Establish routines.

A consistent schedule can make a huge difference for your pets. You can incorporate walks when you wake up, go to lunch, run errands and settle for the evening.

Communicate with your pets.

Pets are conscious of their owners communicating. Simple, straightforward commands and rewards for good behavior make them feel confident and cool.

Make them comfortable.

Creating a safe, comforting space is critical for your pets to feel at home, whether you are there or working hard for the money to shower them with treats and toys and click the link right here now

Exercise and play with your pet.

Take your dogs with you in the car to run errands, go to the park, or other events.