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NRA-ILA New Jersey: Proposed Mandatory Jail Law for Gun Offenses/Action Needed

TRENTON NEW JERSEY (MAY 18, 2022)--Tomorrow, Thursday,  at 10:00 a.m., the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee is scheduled to consider S.513, legislation which would create a rebuttable presumption of no bail for gun offenses.  While everyone can agree that serious gun crimes should be treated harshly, this bill is constructed in a manner that could result in unintended consequences.  Earlier this year, the Assembly made amendments to their version of the bill after serious issues were brought to the attention of lawmakers.  However, despite similar conversations in the Senate, significant problems still remain in S.513.

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This bill still has mandatory jail time for simple possessory offenses.  Stopping for gas on the way to the range or widows transporting their spouses’ firearms to the police station could result in serious legal consequences, and under this bill, the person would sit in jail until the matter is resolved.  These possessory offenses should be exempted.  This legislation should focus on serious violent crimes instead of allowing hyper-technical violations to be treated the same as murderers.

Your immediate help is needed!  Please contact your Senator and respectfully request that they either amend S.513 or oppose it.