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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The Healing Touch of Flowers


What has happened to the committee who decorates our city with flowers in the spring?   Beautiful urns were purchased a few years back and they sit empty.  There used to be beautiful hanging baskets on Monmouth St but I don’t see them any longer.


I see other small communities, i.e. Westville with their urns/vessels decorated with beautiful spring flowers, but not Gloucester City.  All I see is trash cans, sometimes empty, sometimes filled with trash, otherwise the trash is on the sidewalk or in the gutters.


If I recall, flowers make us smile, make us happy, cheer us up when we’re down.  Am I crazy, but isn’t everyone down right now after two years of masks and staying indoors?   Please get those urns filled with flowers soon….oh, and by the way, next weekend is Memorial Day (used to be known as Decoration Day)….where are Gloucester’s decorations/flowers? 


Janet Bevan 

Gloucester City Resident for

79 years.