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Jeff Van Drew Running on Misinformation Again

Sean Pignatelli, Van Drew’s Primary opponent, released the following statement:

Recently a video posted in December of 2021 was labeled misinformation by YouTube. This has social media companies in a frenzy reviewing all of current Congressman Jeff Van Drew's posts.The video was opinion based that Jeff Van Drew received an endorsement from Donald Trump for the 2022 election, but this was a lie and labeled as such.

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Back in December of 2021 Jeff Van Drew attended an event in Mar-A-Lago. During this event former President Donald Trump called out 13 Republicans that voted for the Biden Infrastructure Bill, including Van Drew, telling supporters these 13 Republicans must be voted out and replaced in the primary election.


With Van Drew currently claiming he has the endorsement from the former President, could be the reason most of his videos and posts have been labeled misinformation, as there is no factual evidence of the former President actually giving his endorsement. Van Drew is not new to running on misinformation. During the 2020 election Van Drew had lots of ads that were also labeled misinformation after being fact-checked. 

“This doesn’t happen often, but we agree with Republican Bob Patterson — Jefferson Van Drew is a fake, a phony, and a fraud,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “It’s a shame that Van Drew is so desperate to advance his political career that he’s willing to deceive South Jersey voters yet again in trumped up television ads.”

Sean Pignatelli, Van Drew’s primary opponent, was not surprised at all. “Van Drew has claimed he has Trump’s endorsement, however the conservative voters here in South Jersey all heard Trump say he wanted these 13 Republicans, who voted for that Infrastructure Bill, challenged in the primary and voted out,” Pignatelli says. 


Many voters say they have already changed who their vote is going to. It will be hard for Jeff Van Drew to pull out a win now that South Jersey voters are calling him a liar.