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If you're looking for freelance work, this article will go over the distinctions between employees and independent contractors, the basic responsibilities of an independent contractor, and where to find them. This article,, gives you a better idea of getting independent contractor jobs. But in the meantime, here are a few differences between independent contractors to on-site employees.

Differences between independent contractors to on-site employees

Employers prefer independent contractors to on-site employees because this option is less expensive than hiring new employees. Paying independent contractors is way less than paying in-house workers. Also, employees are entitled to employee benefits, whereas independent contractors are paid only for the work they complete. 

Another reason some employers prefer to hire some or all of their employees as independent contractors are because companies need to invest in their in-house workers to keep them engaged. On the other hand, independent contractors have to work to meet the needs of the contract as far as money has been paid. 

Primary responsibilities of an independent contractor

The following are the primary responsibilities of an independent contractor:

  • Independent contractors, in general, work independently and do not report to an employer. They are in charge of completing work as specified in a contract without supervision or oversight from the company. They supply their tools and equipment to complete their tasks. A contract should specify any specialized equipment or tools required for a specific project. Furthermore, relevant company executives should be aware of the contractor's protocols. 
  • In many cases, independent contractors must have complete control over both their work's creative and process aspects. For example, a client may commission an artist to paint a mural on a building's wall. The artist would be an independent contractor in this case. A traditional employee may perform many duties to complete the mural, but he would be an independent contractor if he worked for another company.

Platforms for freelancing


You may have come across platforms like Freelancer. This website has jobs for independent contractors. Some of these platforms are free to join, but businesses must pay a transaction fee. This fee varies depending on the service. Furthermore, the pricing structure of this website does not work for all businesses. If you require a specific skill, you can locate a freelancing website that provides the services you require at reasonable rates.


Coworks is another website where independent contractors can advertise their skills. This website connects freelancers with clients directly, eliminating the need for a middleman. It also makes it simple to search for freelancer profiles. You can use this website to find work if you're a designer. This site, however, does not allow you to bid on jobs. If you need someone with more experience, you should go to a different website.

There are many platforms like the two mentioned above. All you need is to research and find the best fit.

Dealing with sensitive info as an  independent contractors

Independent contractors may come into contact with sensitive information while working for multiple companies simultaneously. Because these contractors typically subcontract to other businesses in the same industry, it is critical to maintaining confidentiality. Independent contractors should sign a non-disclosure agreement that forbids them from disclosing sensitive information to other companies. A non-solicitation and non-compete clause should also be included in the agreement. The agreement's terms should be clearly defined and followed.

Companies can hire freelancers and other self-employed people in addition to hiring individuals who specialize in specific fields.