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How this Phillies season has gone so far

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The Phillies’ season has been up and down so far with the results not being consistent after winning a few games in a row and then losing a few games in a row. Sports fans have been heading to casino zonder vergunning en cruks at to place their bets on the Phillies games each week. The team have had a poor run of form recently and we will look at what has been the cause of this.



What’s gone wrong?


Players such as Joe Girardi have got to take some of the blame as he’s only managed less than two full seasons with him not seeming to be the right fit for the team as they continue to keep losing. They are rumours that they are reluctant to fire him as what if they fire him and the team continue to perform badly and keep losing.


The president of the baseball operations, Dave Dombrowski the executive has an impressive history at previous clubs, he has built some great teams in his past few years. The team that Dave has built on paper should be much better than they currently are as he got the ownership of the club to construct this team and they are not performing well. 


The farm system


You can try and blame the farm system, but this is the first year that they have improved in the ranking since 2017 so something must be working. It takes time to build a farm system and the Phillies are taking their time with this, but it seems to be slowly starting to work. Some of the players that have been drafted are Rick Porcello, Andrew Miller, Knebel, Josh Beckett, and more. 


So why do the Phillies keep performing badly? It is hard to point out exactly what is going wrong at the club because each season different things are happening within the club and the team. The Phillies are known to have one of the highest wage bills and payrolls within the league which does not match how they are performing each game as they are not good enough to earn the wages that they are currently on. 


Fans are wondering what will fix the Phillies and if they can pick themselves up and have a successful season next year with fans expecting new players to be signed and old ones shipped off to different clubs.