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Gloucester City Republicans:

City Democrats Had 20 Plus Years to Fix Problems with Trash, Market the City with Signage

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (May 18, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--In a prepared statement released today, the Gloucester City Republican Committee and council candidates lambasted the incumbent Democratic Mayor and councilmembers for their slow response to the City's ongoing trash crisis and other problems such as marketing Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 12.50.04the City and Wayfinding Signage. For decades city businesses were not required to place their trash in a receptacle nor were they required to use trash bags. Although residents throughout the city were held to stricter laws. At last month's meeting, the governing body passed an ordinance on first reading that mandates business owners to use trash receptacles. Below is the GOP's statement. 

The Gloucester City GOP is once again pleased to see ideas being implemented that are extremely similar to our “First 100 Days” initiative that was released several months ago. See images here; the first being a resolution on the agenda for May 19 caucus meeting; the second, a portion of the GOP 100-day plan.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 12.16.27

To avoid any controversy such as what came about from our press release regarding the new trash ordinance; we, the GOP, are not claiming to have invented modern-day trash collection, nor in this instance road signs. We are simply pointing out that the Democrats have had 20 years of complete control of this City and until 2022 never thought any of it was important, and we don’t find that to be just a coincidence.

You’ll notice that our plan implemented wayfinding 4th on a list of 5 items. The reason for this is it is crucial that we know what we are “wayfinding” people too. We are just in the beginning stages of wrangling in the trash issue. The new ordinance only pertains to commercial property, and it hasn’t been implemented yet. Once it is, it HAS to be enforced. And the trash ordinance regulating residential property HAS to be enforced. We still have a long ways to go to get all our street lights lit. Street lights are vital to showcasing our CIty once it has been cleaned up. Economic development needs to happen. And we need to continue to build on our community events. When we begin to way find people around our town, isn’t it important that what they see when they get here is our best side? Or would we rather what they see leave them never wanting to come back?

The Gloucester City GOP is pleased to finally see some progress, and we hope that ideas are implemented in the most strategic and effective ways possible. There’s still a long way to go. With the Republican candidates 2022 campaign steaming along ahead of schedule, when we put a member or two or three on City Council, it will only help speed up the recovery process when we are already 100 days ahead of schedule.


Gloucester City GOP committee and its candidates.


Gloucester City Republican Candidates Take Issue with the Sudden Change of the City's Trash Ordinance by the Democrats

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Under the new trash law the business owner in the 700 block of Market Street, and others will be fine if their trash is not placed in a container/receptacle.

On May 3 CNBNews alerted the Gloucester City police about the trash below being dumped in the fields across from the Cold Spring School, on Cold Springs Drive.  Some of the trash was removed but there are still piles of the same trash sitting out in the open.  The city was aware of the eyesore why hasn't it been removed?

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 12.32.40


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