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Cricket Betting in UK: A Brief History


Meta: A short summary on ways in which cricket betting panned out in the United Kingdom within the course of time. Read more. 

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Cricket is one among the oldest sports prevalent throughout the UK which is considered to have originated during the late 16th century. Earlier it was known by the name Creckett especially in Southern England which is the birthplace of the great game. History tells us that the game was extremely old as there are several references that suggest it was present during the 1530s. The sport had gone through several transitions over the years and more and more exciting alterations made the game much more popular all around the world.

Competitive Cricket

According to primary sources, by the 17th century, cricket had evolved from a casual hobby among idle children to a sporting competition. It was a slow and gradual process in which the activity moulded itself into a visual spectacle which later became popular around the globe. There are findings that prove that during the Civil war, Parish teams used to compete with each other. The country level competition, on the other hand, was invented later. They were not much drawn into this activity as it was limited to the villagers. 


It can be said that civil war hampered the growth of cricket as a professional game. Just after the war, the government had to enact some new regulations that made all organised sports, especially football and cricket, illegal, referring to it as criminal gatherings. These highly popular sports which were closely followed by people became restricted to them. Individuals were also required to rigorously follow the Sabbath, and because this was the only free time the lower strata in the community possessed, there was little opportunity for play. Cricket's prominence gradually plummeted throughout this timeframe.


The Restoration and Renewal of Interest in Cricket

The Puritan administration was overthrown by the Stuart Monarchy during the 1660s and at that time the grandeur of cricket was regained. The revival resulted in more even law changes, including less draconian constraints on people. An official gaming act came into action during that time. The same time the largest influx of cricket-obsessed gamblers entered the realm of cricket gaming. 100 pounds was the maximum stake for a person which was larger than life back then. By the beginning of 1700, people began to be hooked into the spectacle and started to make bets on their favourite teams. 

Gaming in today’s World of Cricket


The growth of cricket was gradual but potent. It made its way out of the shores of the village world wide during colonisation. The game crossed borders and it began to be practised as one of the major attractions. But, in the current scenario the growth of cricket largely lays on the hand of internet gaming because before that there were really a few people who became interested in gaming activities like online betting. Before technological advancements, people used to visit the bookies to make bets on the game. But now there are several online betting sites for cricket that allow seamless cricket betting and much more. The gaming companies are able to examine the positives and negatives of sides, provide odds, and define it. There are many in-game betting strategies which allow the punters to alter their choices according to odds while the game progresses. 


Cricket came a long way with the course of time and it is of no surprise that this took many sacrifices throughout the process like terming it as unlawful. Cricket made its way, surpassing such dreadful obstacles to grow itself into the most loved visual spectacle around the world.