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CNB Politics: Poll Reveals Van Drew Heading For Defeat In South Jersey District 2 Primary

With only a month to New Jersey’s Congressional District 2 primary election, a new poll by Eastern Strategies reveals voters may be turning on Republican incumbent, Jeff Van Drew.
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One poll question was: “What is your overall feeling on how well Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey's District 2 has performed since becoming a Republican in 2020?” In this poll, 28% said they were upset, 39% were concerned, and 20% were satisfied. The remaining 12% had positive responses. 9% were happy, and 3% indicated they were extremely happy.
"The negativity from this poll was no doubt a result of Van Drew voting for the Biden Infrastructure Bill, which many residents blame for the rising costs we now see everywhere." said Sean Pignatelli. Pignatelli is running against Van Drew in the primary and has promised to introduce bills to lower property taxes for all United States Veterans, and to lower the income tax rate for farmers.
The next poll asked “Who do you plan to vote for in New Jersey's Congressional District 2 Republican primary election?” This poll came to some residents as a shock, while others felt it was very accurate. 29% of the poll went to the current incumbent, Jeff Van Drew, while 44% went to Van Drew’s primary opponents. Sean Pignatelli, received 32% of the vote as John Barker received 12%, leaving 27% to voters that had said they were “undecided”.
The last poll was asked whether you’d vote for a Republican or Democrat in the November general election. 48% agreed on Republican, while only 33% agreed on a Democrat. The remaining 29% said “Undecided” or selected another party. When the redistricted maps came out, we saw district 2 was made much stronger for Republicans, so this poll also came as no surprise to most of the residents.