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Gustafson Chastises Norcross for Using School Shootings for Political Purposes

Bullsh!t Is Exactly What Donald Norcross Is Shoveling

Gustafson: “Doing nothing to help those with mental illness is, to quote Norcross, ‘Bullshit.’”

COLLINGSWOOD – Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s First Congressional District, Claire Gustafson, responded to remarks Donald Norcross made after recent school shootings in Texas.

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“I’ve raised 5 kids and have 16 grandchildren, my heart is broken for the families of the children who lost their lives in Texas,” Claire Gustafson said. “I understand many will say my broken heart and prayers aren’t enough, but what I will not do is use this, or any tragedy, to score political points. It’s not right.”


“Unfortunately, Congressman Donald Norcross has chosen to take the opposite approach and simply blame ‘Republican inaction’ for the school shooting in Texas.” Gustafson added, “Donald Norcross has shoveled so much crap throughout his political career that it makes sense he used the word ‘bullshit’ in an attempt to get attention and score political points in the aftermath of the recent school shooting in Texas.”


Gustafson continued, “Had Norcross done just a little research he would have learned a recent study found that a high percentage of mass shooters ‘had an untreated, unmedicated psychiatric illness.’”


“I agree with Norcross that mass shootings are not a Republican or Democratic issue, so let’s stop pointing fingers and assigning blame,” Gustafson said. “Let’s admit there is a stigma attached to mental illness in our country that prevents many from getting treatment and find a way to remove that stigma and get more folks the treatment they need. Doing nothing to help those with mental illness is, to quote Donald Norcross, ‘Bullshit.’”