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AMAC (May, 3, 2022)--In truly dystopian fashion, the Biden administration announced the formation of a new “Disinformation Governance Board” on Tuesday.

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Nina Jankowicz.The Disinformation Czar

The new board will be overseen by the Department of Homeland Security. There will also be an executive director of the board, and President Biden has already selected who that individual will be. Unsurprisingly, the executive director of the board is a radical leftist named Nina Jankowicz. Jankowicz has previously helped spread the fabricated Steele dossier, publicly dismissed news of Hunter Biden’s laptop as a “Russian influence op.”, and praised Twitter’s previous censorship of conservatives. 

The stated intent of Janckowichz’s board is to combat misinformation ahead of the November midterm elections and reduce homeland domestic threats. Specifically, a recent report mentions information relating to “irregular migration” and “Russia” as the primary targets of the board. However, considering that the board is completely unconventional and new, there is no telling how far the scope of the board will go. It is also important to note that nearly every government program that starts out as small manages to turn into something much bigger, whether incrementally or rapidly. 

Conservatives have responded to the news by criticizing both Jankowicz and the function of the Disinformation Governance Board. Many conservative representatives or prospective representatives, such as Ohio’s leading Republican candidate for Senate, J.D. Vance, have also already pledged to defund the board if Republicans retake control of Congress in 2022.

The backlash and promises to abolish the Disinformation Governance Board are completely reasonable. In George Orwell’s 1984, the Ministry of Truth served as the propaganda arm of Big Brother. The group controlled the dissemination of information and continuously redefined history so that it aligned with their current agenda. While the Disinformation Governance Board does not currently have proposals to delete or redefine speech, leftists have already been able to successfully do this throughout the country, especially on Big Tech platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

In fact, the timing of the launch of the Disinformation Governance Board is quite concerning. This is due to the fact that it came less than 48 hours after Elon Musk successfully purchased Twitter, with the public goal of shifting the platform into an anti-censorship network supportive of all legal forms of speech. With this in mind, it seems as if the Disinformation Governance Board may be the Democrat’s attempt to ensure that stories such as Hunter Biden’s potential criminal activity and “laptop from hell”, as well as Democrat links to Communist Chinese operatives and spies, are not able to spread online. Afterall, each of these stories have already been falsely labeled as “Russian disinformation”, which is one of the public focuses of the new board.

In yet another display of their true intentions, the Biden administration is showing the American people that they do not care about the Constitution or individual rights. Instead, Biden is aiming to create an all-powerful federal government capable of acting as the supreme arbiter of truth.