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A List of Key Questions You Should Ask When Looking for a Party Planner

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If it's clear that hosting an event or birthday will bring people together, but you don't have the necessary skill (and time) to plan it, you could benefit from the know-how of an event planner. They are well-versed with the intricacies of planning an event, and they will know the ins and outs of the industry to make sure your event is a resounding success. But speaking of planners, there are tons out there – what you need is someone with the proper skill who would be able to suit your objectives. It's essential to write down what you need your event to accomplish and then take it from there with an event planner in mind. It also pays to ask them a few questions to see if they fit the bill. So what are these questions, and how will you know you've got the right one? Here's a list of critical questions you should ask when looking for a party planner.


What is their expertise, and what kind of events do they specialise in?


First of all, to find out if your event planner is the right fit for the event you are planning, ask them what kind of events they work on regularly. If they're adept at working on and planning a business-to-business event, they may not fit your business to consumer party or your birthday party. If you're involved in the tech sector, and they have been involved with a lot of tech companies in the past, then they might just know what you're looking for. Even if they haven't worked on an event or sector similar to yours, it's not the end of the world – find out what ideas they have for your event and see if it sounds interesting and could work.


What is their range of services?


It's also crucial to determine the range of services they can offer, as explained by seasoned party planners in Gloucestershire like Oasis Events. You need to know if they are capable of handling your requirements, after all. For example, would you need your event planner to look for a suitable venue, and would you want them to come up with the catering requirements? Would they be able to handle your other requirements, such as your audio-visual equipment hire, your need for transport, the need for the right staff, and the hiring of speakers? Perhaps they have a list of suppliers and vendors that can work with you too, and it makes it easier because you don't have to scour around for your suppliers, and they have already worked with your planner, so there's bound to be a good relationship there. You may even be able to secure discounts and deals for your event!


What is their fee or charge?


Another crucial element that can decide your choice of a planner is their fee or charge. Do this up-front so that you won't have an unpleasant surprise later on! How do they charge – is it a flat rate, a per-hour basis, a percentage, or a fee per person? Does it include their travel costs? Do they receive commissions from third-party vendors or mark up the expense themselves? Find out what their payment methods are and when payment is expected. 


Make sure to interview your party planner, and don't hesitate to ask them questions. But more importantly, you should work with someone you like and someone open and clear about what they can do. 


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