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Progress of Bitcoin Trading in Mexico

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Bitcoin trading in Mexico has been on the rise in recent years. The country's leading exchange, Bitso, reported a 150% increase in trading volume in 2016. The Mexican government has taken a hands-off approach to regulation, which has helped to foster the growth of the industry. However, this may change in the future as the government looks to get a better handle on the cryptocurrency market. Explore for further information. 

In the meantime, Bitcoin trading provides an opportunity for Mexicans to circumvent the country's strict currency controls. It also opens up a new avenue for investment and speculation.

Despite the challenges, many see Bitcoin trading as a positive development for Mexico and believe that it will continue to grow in popularity in years to come.


As Bitcoin trading continues to grow in popularity in Mexico, there are some challenges that the industry must overcome. However, there is also great potential for growth and innovation within this dynamic sector of the economy. Whether you're an investor or simply interested in following the progress of this exciting new industry, Bitcoin trading is definitely something to keep an eye on in Mexico.

Role of Bitcoin in Mexico's Economy

Bitcoin has become a popular topic of discussion in Mexico's economy. The Mexican government has voiced its stance against Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency in general, due to the lack of regulatory oversight that they provide. However, Bitcoin is still a viable option for individuals looking to transfer funds from their country to another one without having to go through the arduous and expensive processes required for traditional money transfers. Let's take a closer look at the role that Bitcoin plays in Mexico's economy.

One of the primary benefits of using Bitcoin for international money transfers is that it can significantly reduce the cost associated with these transactions. In fact, some estimates suggest that users can save up to 90% on costs when using Bitcoin instead of traditional methods like bank wires or money transfers.

This is due to the fact that Bitcoin operates without the need for a centralized authority, such as a bank or government entity. Instead, every user of Bitcoin has access to a network that facilitates secure and fast money transfers anywhere in the world. This decentralized nature not only reduces costs but also eliminates many of the restrictions and delays associated with traditional methods like bank wires or money orders.

Furthermore, because Bitcoin users are able to send their funds instantly around the world and at a very low cost, it makes Mexico's economy more competitive when compared with other countries that do not allow citizens to easily transfer funds across borders. So even though Bitcoin may not be popular with Mexico's government today, it is certainly helping its economy by providing a competitive edge over other countries that have traditionally been favored for international money transfers

Given these benefits, it is clear that Bitcoin has a vital role to play in Mexico's economy going forward. Whether or not the government chooses to come around and embrace this form of currency is still an open question, but for now, businesses and individual users are seeing significant gains from using Bitcoin instead of traditional methods. In the end, this could be what matters most to the future development of Mexico's economy.

Future of Bitcoin Trading in Mexico

When it comes to Bitcoin trading, Mexico has been a bit late to the game. The first major exchange in the country, Bitso, didn't launch until 2014. However, since then, the Mexican Bitcoin trading market has grown exponentially. In just a few short years, it has become one of the most active markets in Latin America.

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One of the key reasons for this growth is the fact that Mexico is home to a large number of remittance recipients. According to World Bank data, Mexicans living abroad sent home $28 billion in 2016. That's an incredible amount of money, and a lot of it is being funneled into Bitcoin.

The other reason for Bitcoin's popularity in Mexico is the country's high inflation rate. In fact, Mexico has had the highest inflation rate in the world for the past few years. This is driving many people to look for alternatives to government-issued currency.

As of now, Bitcoin trading in Mexico is largely unregulated. However, this could change soon as a law that would regulate the country's fintech industry has been making its way through Congress since 2016. If passed, it will create a regulatory framework for digital currency exchanges like Bitso and give them official recognition by the Mexican government.

Whatever happens in the future, one thing is certain: Bitcoin trading in Mexico isn't going away anytime soon. As more people realize just how beneficial digital currencies can be, its popularity will continue to grow rapidly.