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How to Write a Killer Sales Letter - Thomas J Powell


A sales letter is a key element in any direct marketing campaign. It's a tool that can be used to generate leads, close sales, or simply create brand awareness. But what makes a good sales letter? 

Here are some tips by Thomas J Powell to get you started:

1. Start with a strong headline. 

This is your one chance to make a big impression, so make it count. Use bold font and exciting language to grab your reader's attention and make them want to read more.

2. Keep it short and sweet. 

No one wants to read a novel, so get to the point quickly. Highlight the benefits of your product or service and why your reader should care.

3. Use persuasive language. 

Your goal is to get the reader to take action, so use language that will motivate them. Be clear, direct, and make sure your offer is irresistible.

4. Appeal to emotion. 

People make decisions based on how they feel, so tap into that with your sales letter. Use stories and images to create an emotional connection with your reader.

5. Make it visually appealing. 

Use white space, images, and headlines to break up the text and make it easy to scan. You want your reader to be able to quickly see the value in what you're offering.

6. End with a strong call to action. 

As per Thomas J Powell, tell your reader exactly what you want them to do, whether it's buying your product, signing up for your newsletter, or simply sharing their contact information. Your call to action should be clear, concise, and easy to do.

If you want to create an effective sales letter that will get results, start by focusing on these key elements. Good luck!

A good sales letter is essential for any successful direct marketing campaign. It is a powerful tool that can be used to generate leads, close sales, or build brand awareness. To write a killer sales letter, it is important to start with a strong headline that grabs the reader's attention and makes them want to keep reading. You should also keep your letter short and sweet, using persuasive language that motivates the reader to take action. Additionally, it is important to appeal to the reader's emotions and make your letter visually appealing, using white space, headlines, and images to break up the text. Finally, you should end with a clear call to action that tells the reader exactly what you want them to do. With these tips, you can create an effective sales letter that will help drive results for your business.

The first paragraph of your sales letter should be a killer. It should peek the curiosity of your reader and make them want to read more about what you have to offer. Include just enough information for them to get excited about reading on, but don't give away too much that they lose interest in purchasing from you.

If you are looking for ways to write a killer sales letter, start by focusing on the introduction. Your opening paragraph should be engaging and interesting, providing just enough information to pique your reader's curiosity and motivate them to keep reading. Make sure not to give away too much at once – try teasing your readers with a few intriguing details or highlights of your product or service instead.

Once you have grabbed your reader's attention, move on to the body of your letter. This is where you will provide more detailed information about what you are offering and why they should choose it over any other options out there. Focus on highlighting the unique benefits of your product or service, as well as how it can help solve a problem for your target audience.

Finally, end your sales letter with a strong call to action. Be clear about what steps you want your readers to take next – do you want them to purchase from you now? If so, make sure that this is clearly stated in your call to action. You may also want them to visit a landing page on your website or sign up for an email list so that you can continue marketing to them later.


If you follow these tips, you should be well on your way to writing a killer sales letter that will help you close more deals and boost your bottom line.


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