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How installing sheds on just ground

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The first thing we recommend is to determine the area where you will play with a ball, the ball should bounce well on it, and also determine the overhang of the shield.  Do not forget to order an area markup service, after you have confirmed that it is safe to dig in this place and after you can proceed with the first part of the work. To install most basketballs, you need to dig 4 feet, install rebars, install J bolts, install a plate and wait 2-3 days for concrete curing. After that, you can start assembling the frame and backboard. I am sure that you will definitely have additional equipment for installation, such as netting and lighting, Installing it will nicely complete the overall picture of those sports equipment.

Aksestroy LLC dates back to 2020, but this date does not mean the staff has only a couple of years of experience.

The team consists of 6 people, assemblers and installers, the minimum experience is about 5 years in handyman services. We provide a lot of services, but at the beginning of the  Spring season, let me focus on some of the most popular services: In-ground basketball hoop installation and storage shed assembly. 

When a  basketball hoop is already installed, it may seem that there is nothing complicated in installing it, but this is only at first glance. Installing a storage shed is a very popular service for homeowners. The need arises for two reasons: the old was damaged or it is rotted, you need a garage for storing household items. There are several main questions that a  homeowner should decide: what size, what Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 19.26.11material, location on the site, what is the base to put it on, and obtaining a permit. It's no secret that one of the most popular is plastic. Ease of assembly, relative durability, and unpretentiousness. But they can be damaged even by a large amount of snow on the roof. Metal ones are more weather resistant but can be more expensive and harder to build. The most attractive and environmentally friendly are wooden ones. But be prepared to pay a lot of money for the purchase, assembly, and additional options.

Our experts strongly do not recommend installing sheds on just the ground. In plastic sheds, the floor will simply bend and the strength of the structure will be broken. For a wooden garage, options with a floor are provided - it is better to use them. Metal can theoretically be placed on the ground, but moisture and possible rodents will not leave this place. We recommend the construction of two types of platforms - wooden and concrete. A wooden one is built in one day and is more affordable, a concrete one takes about 2-4 days and you have to wait until the concrete cures. Sure the concrete one is more expensive.